Therion - Lemuria
Nuclear Blast
Heavy Metal mixed with Opera, Classical and Symphonic Influences
10 songs (42:09)
Release year: 2004
Therion, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jeff
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Therion is a band which I have never heard of before joining Metal Reviews. Their music is very unique and I haven't heard many bands that are doing what Therion does. Within the last few years I have purchased "Theli", "Vovin", "Deggial", " Secret of the Runes" and "Live in Midgard". Each album is so colorful and full of enough variety that one can never get bored of listening to them. I've really come to admire the dynamics and depth of Therion's music. They blend male and female opera vocals and choirs with power metal and death metal vocals. They also use orchestration (such as strings) and symphonic elements (such as wind and brass instruments) with Iron Maiden like guitar riffs and solos.

Therion's last release was "Live in Midgard" back in 2002. It would seem that the band has had plenty of time to work on new material. So it's a real treat to get not only one new Therion CD, but two! This review will cover some of the tracks from "Lemuria".

One of the first things I noticed right away with "Lemuria" is Therion's return to using death metal style vocals; something that's been missing from the last few albums. They are used in the songs "Typhon" and "Three Ships of Berik: Part 1: Calling to Arms and Fighting The Battle".

"Typhon" is an upbeat opening track that starts off with a flanging effect over the guitar riffs. Duet female and male opera vocals and choirs are shared with the death metal growls. The drumming is also very driving.

"Uthark Runa" has that Egyptian/Arabic feel to it with the gothic chants and quick guitar harmony fills. The power metal vocals are most predominant during this song. It actually starts off mid tempo only to speed up towards the end.

I really like "Three Ships of Berik: Part 1: Calling to Arms and Fighting The Battle". This is one of the more symphonic tracks. The melody lines in this song will stick with you from the first listen. It definately has that patriotic/marching feel to it. The song includes some cool sounding flute runs with string and brass elements along with lead guitar harmony fills. Once again the death metal vocals are used with opera choirs.

The title track "Lemuria" is a ballad that starts off slowly with an acoustic guitar and a female opera singer. This song is similar to Therion's older style, picking up towards the end with a mix of power metal vocals, choirs, flutes, strings and guitar harmony fills.

The last track, "Feuer Overtüre/Prometheus entfesselt" can almost pass for a leftover Rammstein song. Interesting to say the least.

Over 170 musicians were used to in the recording of both "Sirius B" and "Lemuria", which took almost nine months!. The main difference between "Sirius B" and "Lemuria" is that "Lemuria" is more rock/metal orientated and easier to listen to, whereas "Sirius B" is more experimental and will probably take a few more listens to sink in.

I don't think any two Therion albums sound alike. I find "Lemuria" very listenable and well worth the purchase. Definately one of my top 15 of 2004.


Killing Songs :
Typhon, Uthark Runa, Three ships of Berik Part 1: Calling to Arms and Fighting the Battle, Quetzalcoatl, An Arrow from the Sun, Abraxas
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