Fear Factory - Archetype
Roadrunner Records
Cyber Power/Thrash Metal
13 songs (59.08)
Release year: 2004
Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Danny
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What a start! What a song! Slave Labor - which opens the ground on Archetype - sounds like the fusion of Vengeance Is Mine and Burning Times (both Iced Earth songs). Melodic, terrific/furious riff ahead, angry vocals and a powerful chorus punch you immediately. Did I miss something with Fear Factory ... or the band decided to kick asses out there ? Who knows. On thing remains sure : one of the best and powerful metal album I had the chance to listen these years. No concessions ... and this furry who invades you slowly and surely. Two Thumps Up Guys !!!

Cyberwaste - the second track - takes your breath away (if you didn't wake up with the first track, this one will do the job). Cyberwaste is another powerful and massive aggression in your face. The combination of clean and rougher vocals from Buron C. Bell are fully demonstrated, while the drumming rhythm let you speechless. This is what I call aggressive Power Metal. The intensity of the song-writing and the harmony-driven abilities are the first quality of Archetype. Somehow, it is difficult to compare this album with their previous work, while all the previous elements are there. Maturity is the word I must use I guess :)

Between Testament rhythm and Machine Head aggressiveness, Fear Factory is back and more powerful than ever. Some fans out there were not so happy with Digimortal and we believe that the "departure" of Dino Cazares would influence Fear Factory's sound. When I listen to Archetype (fifth song), I can only say the band has found the equilibrium between the melodies (bridge & chorus), the rhythm, the aggression and intelligently plays with old receipts (like the new-wave of the 80's) to deliver a bombastic melodic track. For sure, the departure of the 7 strings has been .... easily digested. The "new music" presented here by Fear Factory seems liberated, unconventional, open-minded, modern ... and classic at the same time. Bite The Hand That Bleeds You, which is atmospheric, soft and heavy at the same time is the kind of track that stands out. I could mention dozen of songs (Undercurrent, Corporate Cloning, Act Of God, ...) but I let you discover alone the best elements of the album (especially the mechanical sound).

The feelings you get when you listen to the new Fear Factory are mixed : hate, power, anger, solitude, pain ... all of them being accentuated a thousand time. The power of Archetype acts like a virus. Once you listen to this record, there is something happening inside of you. That thing that was dormant wakes you up and takes control of you. This is called ... adrenaline :)

Since its debut album (Soul of a New Machine), Fear Factory influenced countless bands, refining and polishing album after album their machine/mechanical-metal sound. The giant band we discovered on Demanufacture isn't dead. Far from that! Fear Factory is back, rebirth from ashes like the phoenix and appears more powerful than ever. I invite you to buy the deluxe digipak version of Archetype (including a bonus DVD, Australian tour 2004).

Now, as far as I am concerned, I must see this band on stage.

Killing Songs :
All of them !!! Slave Labor and Cyberwaste exterminating you !!!
Danny quoted 95 / 100
Jeff quoted 86 / 100
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