Genius (A Rock Opera) - Episode 2: In Search of the Little Prince
Frontiers Records
Metal Opera
11 songs (79:52)
Release year: 2004
Genius (A Rock Opera), Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Keegan

Empty Tremor mainman Danile Liverani’s Genius trilogy is a metal opera in the truest sense. Episode 2: In Search of the Little Prince continues the journey of Genius, portrayed by Mark Boals of Ring of Fire, and Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlow as Twinspirit 32, as they travel through 80 minutes of melodic progressive metal madness. Missing from the first chapter are John Wetton, Steve Walsh, Midnight, and several others. In their place are Symphony X’s Russell Allen, Angra’s Ed Falaschi, and a horde of additional singers. Continuing to provide narration is Ring of Fire and Steve Vai’s bassist Phillip Bynoe.

While the album tends to lean more toward a progressive style similar to Avantasia, there is something for everyone here. While Playing in their Dreams is a soft melodic rock ballad, the track that follows is full-on progressive power metal. Valley goes in a more traditional hard rock direction although Beware screams of Dream Theater. The variance of styles throughout Episode 2 allows each singer to work in their element and Liverani to show his versatility, though his playing during some songs is notably stronger than in others. As is the case with many metal operas, the plot of the Genius trilogy and the lyrics of every song tend to be ridiculous. Although Bynoe does a decent job reciting narrations, he can’t help the fact that what he is reading is bizarre, and at times, hilarious. I am amazed that Russell Allen was able to get through lines like “The Dream World is in serious danger!” with a straight face. In fact, all of the lyrics are so absurd that the album becomes much more entertaining than if Mr. Liverani had hired a lyricist. I could go on and on, but most of the classic lines must be heard unexpectedly.

Besides continuing the concept of A Human Into Dream’s World, In Search of the Little Prince serves as a vehicle for some of the most talented singers in metal today to gather on one album. Most impressive here are Boals, Gildenlow, and Allen, all showing why they are where they are today. Luckily, these three are all over the album. Though it will likely be overshadowed in time by the new Ayreon album, Genius delivers for fans of metal operas, of those trying to save the little prince.

Killing Songs :
He Will Die, Beware, Fight Again
Keegan quoted 80 / 100
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