Terra Sur - Horizonte Gris (Demo)
Progressive Power Metal
4 songs (18'33)
Release year: 2004
Terra Sur
Reviewed by Marty
Terra Sur is band out of Colombia and like many other newer metal bands from South America, they choose to use Spanish lyrics instead of English. Not understanding the language myself, I'm glad that they included the English versions of the lyrics with the booklet that came with the CD!! By looking at them, I'd say they are a very young band trying to make a global impression outside of South America. The band consists of Francisco "Pasha" Murillo vocals, Elkin Montoya, drums, Diego Villa, bass, Felipe Rojo, rhythm guitar and Santiago Mora, lead guitar. This is a 4 song demo that the band has done for promotional use.

The CD opens with Latidos (Intro), a short orchestrated and epic sounding instrumental that has some nice harmonic lead guitar. Corazon De Fuego (Heart Of Fire) is a mix of prog metal and speedy power metal with some keyboard orchestrations. There are some interesting instrumental changes and bridge sections and great sounding neo-classical styled lead guitar. Pasha Murillo's voice shows promise but he still needs to strengthen and polish up his vocal delivery. He uses too much of a shouting style to his singing. Aside from some interesting bits, this one's pretty standard power metal. The title track Horizonte Gris (Grey Horizon) is more of a heavy power ballad style and shows lots of promise. Pasha's voice is much better on this song and I like the style and arrangements for this song with one exception. The lead guitar sounds horrible on this track. It sounds very processed, over compressed and somewhat unnatural. The last track, Causa Y Effecto (Cause Ans Effect) has a speedy neo-classical edge along with more standard melodic power metal. The drumming is great and speedy on this one and the chorus more melodic than any of the other tracks.

For a demo recording, the production is really not that bad except that the vocals are a bit buried in the mix and are a little too dry sounding. The drum sound could be better but that problem plagues many of the demos that I've ever heard. My advice to this band; read what people have to say about you. Take any criticisms of your sound and learn from them. There's far too many bands playing this sort of metal and it makes it increasingly more difficult to make a name for yourself. The musicians in this band are very talented and they have a good overall sound. Improvements in some of the vocal delivery and overall songwriting quality will go a long way. This band needs to recognize it's strengths and weaknesses and take a step back and look at the world of power metal and what they have to offer that is different and unique enough for them to get noticed. Without that, they're just one of the many hundreds (or thousands perhaps) of bands trying to get recognized without something really new to offer. Good luck guys................

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