Hurricane Party - Get This (E.P.)
Hard Rock
5 songs (17'37)
Release year: 2004
Hurricane Party, Sanctuary
Reviewed by Marty
Hurricane season is now in full swing with the third major storm in just under a month wreaking havoc upon the islands of Jamaica and Cuba and with coastal Florida apparently in the direct path, this band's timing may be considered good or bad depending on how you look at it. Hurricanes are awesome forces of nature that are capable of extreme damage and are very dangerous to be around. However, in the face of all this, a popular (and somewhat bizarre) social past time is cropping up; that of an actual hurricane party. Those daring enough to remain behind are often throwing huge parties to give people something to do while riding the storm out. It's with that sort of playful tongue-in-cheek like attitude that we are presented here with a new band out of the U.K. entitled Hurricane Party.

Jumping on the popularity of bands like The Darkness, Hurricane Party is the latest newcomer to emerge from the U.K. hard rock scene. Formed in 2003 and influenced by such classic hard rock acts as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Aerosmith, this band's sound and style is firmly planted in a mid 80's hard rock style with a little of the classic 70's influence thrown in for good measure. They've won over lots of new fans with their raucous and energetic live shows as the opening act for the recent U.K. tour by fellow British veterans, Status Quo as well as landing opening slots for other acts such as Skid Row and Nickelback. Veteran A&R man and producer John Kalodner (AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith etc.) "discovered" this band and made it a priority to get them signed. Rather than wait until a full length album could be completed, they've decided that the strength of the material on this E.P. warranted its release. The band's lineup consists of Richie Hevanz (lead vocals), Robin (Creepy) Hirschfield, lead guitar, Jonny Rocker, rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Rob Randell, bass guitar and Chris Rivers, drums. This 5 song E.P. was produced by Laurie Mansworth and mixed by Kevin (Caveman) Shirley (Iron Maiden, Dream Theater).

With a ballsy raunchy guitar sound and a little of the 80's L.A. glam rock, this band delivers a great brand of energetic and infectious hard rock. The AC/DC influence is front and center with the rhythm guitar sound and the vocals and harmonies come off sounding like those of a seasoned and very well established band. The first track, Roadstar has a great energetic sound with a dash of Aerosmith and some old Bon Jovi as far as the vocal melodies. This one has all the right parts to come off big as a great rock anthem in a live setting. The band really sounds like fellow U.K. hard rock veterans Thunder on this track and that similarity crops up once in a while with some of the other tracks. Last Survivor, has a great bluesy Led Zeppelin / Black Crowes bouncy sort of rhythm that sees lead vocalist Richie Heavenz even sounding a lot like Chris Robinson. A little of the classic Paul Rogers era Bad Company can be heard as well and the layering of the guitar with a Hammond organ (a staple of the classic 70's sound) firmly implants the band's influences that shape their sound. Crown Of Thorns begins with an acoustic guitar and voice and once again, the Black Crowes influence can be heard. Getting heavier as the track progresses, it's a solid and catchy heavy hard rock tune that shows influences from Motley Crue and other 80's L.A. bands. Big Rock Show uses big booming Led Zeppelin style riffs and L.A. glam-metal style choruses but is a rather simple and somewhat forgettable attempt at a rock anthem. The final track, Killer, sees the band cranking up the intensity with the heaviest and hardest hitting track on this CD. Solid heavy riffs and great vocals all combine with a somewhat more darker mood as far as the arrangements to produce a slightly different but equally effective approach to songwriting.

There is absolutely nothing here that we haven't heard before (and many times over). The difference is that this band has a great sound, solid catchy tunes and seem to have plugged into something that some say is an eventual comeback of this sort of commercial hard rock. The airwaves are polluted these days with heavy rock acts whose lead singers force us to relive every painstaking moment of their tortured existences...fuck that I say!!!! I long for the days when a band's music puts you in the mood to party and have a great time. The band's first full length is due early next year but for the time being, this 5 song E.P. is all we have......A great soundtrack to a hurricane party?? bet!!!!!!!

Killing Songs :
Roadstar, Last Survivor, Crown Of Thorns and Killer
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