unexpecT - _We, Invaders
Galy Records
Melodic Death Metal on LSD
4 songs ()
Release year: 2003
unexpecT, Galy Records
Reviewed by Jason
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Famous for dispensing run of the mill death and black metal bands by the dozen, it comes to me as an utter surprise that a band like unexpecT would form in Quebec. Comprised of 7 wacky looking band members, unexpect’s music can be best described as death metal on an excessive amount of hallucinogenic drugs. I don’t mean this in a bad way, in fact, unexpect’s music is quite amazing and fresh, but when listening to the epically long tunes it’s like being taken away to a Metalized version of Alice in Wonderland.

I got my hands on this EP a few months ago totally by coincidence while running errands near my home town. While driving I noticed an acquaintance of mine, whom I knew was a metal drummer, standing waiting for the bus. I stopped and asked if Philippe Landry (a.k.a Landryx) if he needed a lift to where he was going and he thanked me for getting him out of the rain. During the car ride, Landry he filled me in on the new band he recently joined and gave me a copy of his CD titled _We, Invaders. When he handed me the disc I was certain that this was going to be the typical, badly produced, noise that tends to come from local promos that friends give me, but by golly was I wrong.

What smacked my ears harder than a speeding train was a flurry of melodic death metal that twisted in every direction possible. Not only was I star struck by the unbelievable talent and originality but I was impressed with the impeccable sound quality that is usually unheard of on early albums. There are many poignant moments on the album that’ll have you raising an eyebrow here and there, but what truly gives the music its original flavor is the violinist and female vocals led by “Leilindel”. Together, the band forms an interesting kind of extreme metal sound that sometimes jumps from aggressive growls to screams, from blast beats to melodious middle-eastern influenced interludes with clear sung female vocals, and to just some stuff that I can plainly describe as weird.

Simply said, describing the sound of this band is futile. It’s a veritable rollercoaster that will have you going slow, fast, up, down, left, right, through the haunted house and around the merry-go-round. All I can do is hail this 4 song EP and congratulate the bands well earned signing to The End Records. For the moment, I suggest visiting their site, listening to an LSD induced track, and let you experience the amazing and intoxicating sound of unexpecT for yourself.

Killing Songs :
All the of these crazy tunes are amazing!
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