Waysted - Save Your Prayers (Re-issue)
Majestic Rock Records
Melodic Hard Rock
10 songs (57'23)
Release year: 2004
Majestic Rock
Reviewed by Marty
Majestic Rock Records has re-issued this classic melodic hard rock gem which has been extremely hard to find and was long out of print even in LP form when vinyl was still available into the 90's. If you're fortunate enough to have it, you no doubt will agree with me that this is one of the best melodic hard rock albums to come out of the late 80's. Compilations featuring most of the songs on this album exist but I believe that this is the first time it has been released on CD in it's entirety (with 2 bonus tracks). Originally released in 1986, Waysted's third album Save Your Prayers was the first to feature vocalist Danny Vaughn (Tyketto, Vaughn). Waysted was the new project for U.F.O. bassist Pete Way after he left the band in 1982. He brought along then U.F.O. guitarist Paul Chapman and with this new band recorded 2 albums; Vices and The Good The Bad and the Waysted with vocalist Fin Moore. Recruiting Danny Vaughn, the band recorded Save Your Prayers and enjoyed great success as the opening act for Iron Maiden's world tour in 1987 for the Somewhere In Time album. Seeing Waysted open for Maiden was an incredible experience. Opening acts rarely capture an audience like they did. Quality songs, a great melodic and heavy sound and with a vocalist that had me wondering "Where the hell did this guy come from!!!", I was immediately hooked. The day after the show, I searched several record stores and finally found a copy of this album.

With a party-like atmosphere, some simple AC/DC-like riffing, solid and catchy guitar hooks and a soaring melodic sound that resembles such 80's melodic rock giants as Journey and Survivor, Save Your Prayers is an album that rocks hard with songs like Walls Fall Down and Wild Night and gets more serious with tracks like Heroes Die Young. With it's galloping rhythms, it's an ode to those who we've lost in the prime of their lives. Danny Vaughn delivers one of the best melodic rock performances ever on this album and some of the more softer and ballad-like songs including Black 'N Blue, Singing To The Night and especially Heaven Tonight have the sort of soaring melodic choruses that instantly grab you and will no doubt get stuck in your brain for quite some time. Sounding a little more AOR like with some of the aforementioned tracks, Waysted proved that they could delve into a more "romantic" style of hard rock that rivaled the best in that genre. Make no mistake though, even though some of the songs have a lighter, ballad-like feel, the hard rock sound is still there. It's on these sort of songs that Danny's voice really shines. There really are no filler tracks on this album and it is a prime example of how to write, arrange and record a very impressive melodic hard rock album. Easily the best album the band ever recorded and even though they seemed to be on a roll, things began to fall apart and resulted in Danny Vaughn leaving the band due to conflicts over songwriting credits. Their label eventually dropped the band and they dissolved. Pete Way went back to U.F.O., Paul Chapman pursued a solo career and Danny Vaughn went on to sing for Tyketto and eventually his own solo project entitled simply Vaughn.

Pete Way has recently re-formed Waysted with original vocalist Fin Moore and they plan to release an album next year. Nothing they have ever done or will do in the future could ever top Save Your Prayers. Everything just seemed to come together and they released an album that was far superior than their two previous albums and way better than what U.F.O. churned out with Pete Way gone from the band. The real highlight of this album is Danny Vaughn's voice. He has such a strong, pure and powerful delivery, very reminiscent of Journey's Steve Perry and his voice on some songs, still amazes me today. If you've never heard this album and are a fan of 80's style melodic hard rock/heavy metal, this album is a long-over-looked gem from the late 80's and is a must for your collection.

Killing Songs :
Black and Blue, Singing To The Night, Heroes Die Young and Heaven Tonight
Marty quoted 90 / 100
Mike quoted 99 / 100
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