Amoral - Wound Creations
Rage Of Achilles
Death Metal
9 songs (47:26)
Release year: 2004
Amoral, Rage Of Achilles
Reviewed by Jay
Surprise of the month

With Rage of Achilles records folding, several wonderful Finnish bands have been left label-less. Omnium Gatherum (who were quickly snatched up by Nuclear Blast), Manitou, Elenium and Kiuas are some of the bands who were cut. They are teaming up for a Finnish tour labeled the Dead Achilles tour. Amoral have negotiated a deal with Spikefarm records to re-release this album with a bonus track so if you can find one of the few copies that are branded with Rage of Achilles’ stamp, buy it now, for it will be a collectors item.

So what do they sound like? Amoral has a great style of straight-ahead death metal that takes no prisoners and does not fuck around. While not as viciously brutal as Deicide or Nile, they stay true to the fundamentals of death metal while incorporating elements of slower, more melodic styles. There are definite nods to doom and goth present but death is the main style. Yet at times, you can almost hear progressive influences and even classic old rock n roll sensibility in the music. Vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi has the perfect death metal voice and knows how to use it for maximum effectiveness. His grunts, screeches and growls propel their music forward at a feverish pace and are one of the most recognizable features. The excellent dual guitar work is simply stellar and both Silver Ots and Ben Veron have done magnificent work in constructing this riff assault.

The mammoth 8-minute "Nothing Daunted (Gallows Pole Rock n’ Roll)" is the highlight of this disc. It combines well-executed prog influences in combination with old-fashioned sludgy death metal. Pronounced Pantera influence is heard hear as the band almost attempts to Southern death metal style. Each part shows a new face of the band and can almost sum them up with the myriad of parts presented in this epic track. The opener is completely different. A straight ahead, full-speed death metal assault with extensive quick riffing and thick melodies. Amoral can sure turn on the speed when they want to. The next tracks "Silent Renewal" and "Solvent" add some Meshuggah flavor with fast and wicked off-time riffs. It is impressive to see this great sound coming from younger bands to keep the death metal scene strong.

"The Last Round" is another 8-minute monster that does not disappoint either. The band oscillates from incredibly progressive to traditional death metal with the flick of a switch. Their knack at songwriting and catchy guitar parts is certainly a talent. Also impressive are the vocals on this track which evoke Amon Amarth. "Other Flesh" is a pure traditional death metal grunt-fest with all the toppings added. Sure to please for anyone in the mood for some anger. Closing out the album is an instrumental reminiscent of Metallica’s "Orion." A wonderful choice to conclude a stellar album.

All in all, this band has produced an amazing debut album. We should certainly anticipate more great things to come from Amoral in the future.

Killing Songs :
Nothing Daunted (Gallows Pole Rock n’ Roll), Solvent, Other Flesh, The Last Round, Langour Passage
Jay quoted 82 / 100
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