Jackyl - Live At The Full Throttle Saloon - DVD/CD
Bluesy AC/DC Influenced Hard Rock/Southern Rock

Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Marty
Jackyl emerged on the scene back in the early 90's and rode the tail end of the 80's metal wave just before the grunge wave took over. Timing is everything and if these guys would've come out with their first album several years sooner, I think they would've been even more successful. The mid 80's was a ripe time for this type of stuff. With their hillbilly hard rock style of music and raunchy lyrics, Jackyl was a staple of hard rock radio and they quickly found an audience on the strength of tracks like When Will It Rain, Down On Me, Dirty Little Mind and of course The Lumberjack. The Lumberjack alone was enough to develop into a "gimmick" like track with lead vocalist Jesse Dupree playing lead chainsaw during the track....every band needs a gimmick right?? As the 90's progressed, Jackyl continued but with limited commercial success. One thing that was becoming evident though was that a very strong following amongst the biker crowd was beginning to take shape. The band decided to take advantage of this and film their appearance at a biker rally in 2003 in Sturgis South Dakota, an annual event that attracts thousands to this small little community. Filmed in front of 15,000 people at The Full Throttle Saloon, this DVD presents Jackyl at it's raunchiest and best.

The one thing that is immediate about this DVD is the poor sound quality. This sort of sound quality was the norm for VHS releases but with modern digital technology, you'd think that the sound would be better than it is. After an intro with wrestler Goldberg riding a Harley on stage, Jackyl rips into their set with guns ablazin'!!! Most of their material is fairly simple with a basic AC/DC chordal structure and a southern rock feel but Jesse James Dupree's lyrics are suggestive, sexist and everything else that makes for great rock and roll. Leaning heavily on material from their first (and most successful) album, classic tracks like I Stand Alone, When Will It Rain, Down on Me, Dirty Little Mind, Redneck Punk and The Lumberjack are all here as is the wonderful litle ditty, She Loves My Cock. It's a great show with the band in fine form and the crowd seems to be loving every minute of it. Dirty Little Mind gets assistance from several wonderful ladies invited up onstage to dance and Jesse Dupree is convinced to do his infamous "bunny hop" (dropping his pants and hopping across the front of the stage). No Jackyl concert is complete without the chainsaw....It makes an appearance with Jesse sawing a barstool in half as well as a cool looking chainsaw/guitar hybrid that he plays for The Lumberjack. Other bonus features include some tour bus cooking lessons with bassist Roman Glick and drummer Chris Worley. There's also a video for the track Billy Badass as well as a behind the scenes look at the band's stage setup and equipment.

This show has also been released as an abbreviated version on CD but with most of the classic tracks. This live set is really for the fans of the band but is still a great show from a great kick-ass rock n' roll band. Sure their music can appear shallow and simple but when presented here in a live situation and with the huge crowd support, it becomes an event. Jackyl plays this legendary biker rally every year and after almost 15 years in existence, I think that they've finally found the perfect audience for their music.

Killing Songs :
I Stand Alone, When Will It Rain, Dirty Little Mind, Redneck Punk and The Lumberjack
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