Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit
Season Of Mist
Black Metal
11 songs (39:55)
Release year: 2004
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Daniel

One of Black Metal’s most repulsive and sarcastic icons, Nattefrost, has decided to unleash all Hell upon us in this, his solo effort.

Carpathian Forest’s front man has released a straight Black Metal punch to the face; forget virtuoso riffing, light speed solos, thoughtful lyrics or elegant symphonic arrangements; this one is ugly, vulgar, offensive, simple and straight to the point; and I’ll guarantee it will have you headbanging from beginning to end.

Nattefrost handles every single instrument in the album and he pulls it of perfectly; the album is packed with riff after riff of punkish Black Metal glee with obvious Carpathian Forest influences. If you have read any of my previous reviews you would probably have noticed that I always complaint about the bass in Black Metal albums, well this album has to be one of the few exceptions to that continuous complaint; the bass in this one is great; solid and thumping; I really enjoy it specially in tracks like in the track Sluts of Hell, where its presence adds a lot of attitude to the song. As for Nattefrost’s vocals, they’re as great as always, deep, raw and they simply sound…vulgar, thing that fits in the music perfectly.

The production is clear, solid and easy listening, so expect no problems trying to figure out the riffs or anything.

The album includes nine actual songs, among them a good cover of Beherit’s The Gate of Nanna; and there’s nothing really different from each song; just some great songs filled with Black Metal attitude and more tongue in cheek than any other Black Metal band out there; everything proves so: the attitude, the lyrics, the titles to the songs like Sluts of Hell, Whore (Filthy Whore); and tracks like Nattefrost Takes a Piss, in which you can actually hear Nattefrost pissing and making relief sounds, or the closing one Still Reaching for Hell, which made me laugh a lot the first time I listened to it; but it is all this tongue and cheek, which makes this album so cool.

Fans of Carpathian Forest will feel right at home with this one, and overall fans of Black Metal will also enjoy it a lot (one more for the parties boys!); people not really into Black Metal would probably enjoy it, but this one is really more focused to the Black Metal fan, not because it's complex or thick, but because of the general concept that surrounds it. Overall this is great fun release any Black Metal aficionado with a sense of humor will enjoy thoroughly. I knew Nattefrost wouldn't disappoint.

Killing Songs :
Every single one is great, specially Nattefrost Takes a Piss and Still Reaching for Hell ; )
Daniel quoted 82 / 100
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