Annihilator - Refresh The Demon
CMC Records
Thrash Metal
13 songs (62:30)
Release year: 1996
Reviewed by Brent
Archive review

Well, time to pick back up with what I "started" upon my joining here at MR. I have made up my mind that this band is my top priority here until I have everything reviewed. This album, which was my 2nd Annihilator album, was my favorite one for a long time, until I got the first two. Still much in the vein of the predecessor to this one, King of the Kill, Jeff once again takes over vocal duties for the entire record. This one also tends to be a little faster and heavier than it's predecessor.

"Refresh The Demon" starts the album out, and sets the stage for most of the material on the rest of the album. "Syn Kill 1" is next, probably my favorite song from the record. Next up is "Awake" which is just the little intro to "The Pastor of Disaster" "PoD." is next (naturally), and is a really good song. "A Man Called Nothing" is next, and it starts off with a nice little melodic intro, but doesn't stay that way. Moving on, next we have "Ultraparanoia", which has the mentally ill type lyrics that Jeff is known for from time to time. "City of Ice" is next, one of my least favorite songs on the album, but it is still good enough to have been included in the final tracklisting. It just wouldn't be an Annihilator album without at least one humorous song, this time he is just over the top with the song "Anything For Money. Isn't larceny grand? "Hunger" is next, it is about on the same scale of "City of Ice". The next song is "Voices and Victims" which is in the same vein of the other two I just mentioned. "Innocent Eyes" is probably the only Annihilator ballad I still listen to without skipping the track. It is a song he wrote for his kid. Now, for the two bonus tracks. "The Box" is the first one, the only thing different about this one and the one on KotK is the fact that this one doesn't have Jeff's vocals distorted, I like this version better. The last song on the cd is "Riff Raff" which sounds to me like a big, big tribute to the classic rock gods from down under, AC/DC.

That about does it for this album. It ranks in the middle for my favorite albums from Annihilator now, since I got the entire catalog. Definitly worth picking up if you are a fan, and if not, then it still shouldn't disapoint.

Killing Songs :
Refresh The Demon, Syn Kill 1, Pastor Of Disaster, and Anything For Money
Brent quoted 80 / 100
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