Annihilator - Feast
UDR Music
Thrash Metal
9 songs (49:35)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Thomas

Annihilator has done a lot of weird stuff since their heyday, which more or less got them written of as a band to get excited about. Their last self-titled outing wasn't as terrible as the dreaded Metal or All For You, and at least earned them some breathing space after the toungelashings they have been prone to throughout the last decade or so.

This band was always about Jeff Waters and the amazing talent he is. He has always been the driving force behind Annihilator, and although their entire career showcases more a waste of that talent than not it is really wonderful when they get it right. Feast, while faulty in paces, is a straight-forward and very entertaining listen. With exceptions such as the retarded ballad Perfect Angel Eyes where Padden is forced to do his horrendous clean vocals and the just as forcefully horrible Wrapped, this comes of as more stellar than its predecessor. Jeff Waters is having an absolute blast on everything from the blazing opener Deadlock through riff-fests No Way Out, Demon Code, Fight the World and finally the furiously epic closer One Falls, Two Rise which goes down as the best song of the album, guaranteed to have you throw horns and prolapse your neck. Padden is also showing us that he can do proper thrash vocals, more often than not sounding vicious and pissed rather than like a pretend-aggro teenager.

All in all, this is not at all bad, and actually easily a thrash piece to remember from 2013 if not exactly legendary. When Waters and company shows this kind of form, people should take note. You even learn to ignore the seizure-causing lyrics after a couple of spins and just happily bang your head. Now, here's to hoping they don't tumble and fall om their brains like they have done a lot in the past and keep this up. Recommended.

Killing Songs :
Deadlock, No Way Out, Fight the World, One Falls, Two Rise
Thomas quoted 78 / 100
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