Decapitated - Nihility
Earache Records
Death Metal
8 songs (35:03)
Release year: 2002
Decapitated, Earache Records
Reviewed by Jay

Where would the death metal world be without the contributions of Poland? There'd be no Vader, no Yattering and no Decapitation. While this band has been overlooked, it’s time to re-examine an album that slipped through the cracks only a few years ago. It has the brutality of Deicide with the musicianship of Morbid Angel but does not forget its roots in the Polish death metal scene.

The band is incredibly mature for having only released this album at 20 years of age. The lessons of death metallers of old were well heeded. The guitar tone is perfect and guitarist Vogg can shred something fierce. You could be listening to classic Florida or New York riffage before he busts into a purely melodic solo. This incredible variety in his playing gives the band a certain edge that is quite interesting. He busts out scale bursting solos and wicked lead after lead. Drummer Vitek also knows how to ply his craft well. In going from a blasting section to a demure pattern and back to more fast intense fills, he's more than competent behind the kit and his pedal work is spectacular. Even when the beat slows down a little, he's coming up with inventive fills and ways to keep his drumming fresh. Rounding out the lineup are vocalist Sauron who is reminiscent of Erik Rutan at times and bassist Martin.

Again, while there is nothing groundbreaking about this album, it's an example of death metal done well. Decapitated plays within the mold of the creators of the genre and manages to pulverize everything in their path. "Eternity Too Short" goes from frenetic blasting to an extended drum fill to quasi-middle eastern soloing. I am reminded of old Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. While a second guitarist might add something to their sound, I have the feeling that Decapitated may be firing on all cylinders without that element. In keeping the death metal motif, maybe less is more. As is the case with "Spheres of Madness." For this album, it can be considered the slow and melodic song. The riff is absolutely simplistic for this album but it works well. A hammering double bass pulse guides this song through a grinding tour de force that feels as though it’s the soundtrack to madness. Sauron’s vocals guide us through the madness that Decapitated bring to the table.

Next, we have "Babylon's Pride" which drops us back into the tornado-like vortex that you cannot help but bang your head to. The intro is toned down but after the static sound effect, the real death starts to reveal itself. While not as crushing as some of the other tracks, it certainly makes itself heard and gets a point across clearly. Decapitated did some awesome work on this disc with the traditional death metal sound. I eagerly await their soon to be released new album.

Killing Songs :
Spheres of Madness, Babylon's Pride, Eternity Too Short
Jay quoted 80 / 100
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