Gehenna - WW
Moonfog Productions
Black Metal
8 songs (36:43)
Release year: 2005
Gehenna, Moonfog Productions
Reviewed by Daniel

Once upon a time there was this Norwegian Black Metal band called Gehenna; they released a killer EP (First Spell) and a great full length (Seen Through the Veils of Darkness [The Second Spell]); some time later, they thought of something “great”: They would mix Black and Death Metal, so they passed from being a cool band to being…. well…. rather shitty. Well, it took the band quite some years to realize what I did from the very beginning: They should have sticked to what they did best, Black Metal.

Four years have passed since the last Gehenna release and now you find yourself reading the review expecting to hear that they are back to save Norwegian Black Metal from the winds of decadence and mediocrity (supposing you haven't seen the score yet), but it turns out that the new album by these Norwegian veterans is nothing more than a pathetic example of unoriginality and monotony. After half a decade I was expecting at least something acceptable, but it seems like the winds of decadence are blowing quite hard at their camp too.

So Gehenna have decided to drop off the Death Metal and return to a more Black Metal sound, however, they still managed to suck; so, if you’re expecting some nice old school Gehenna, First Spell style, you’re oh so fuckin’ wrong. Long gone are the medieval and magical keyboards, the forest inspired anthems and most importantly, the quality. Instead we have some uninspired, 35 minute, bore fest.

Gehenna give a new meaning to the word recycled in the album, because not only they have used dozens of riffs from other bands (including Mayhem, Satyricon and Darkthrone), but they have managed to make each track so fuckin’ similar to each other I’m starting to think they just wrote three songs and mixed them together to obtain the other five tracks. If the previous isn’t enough to keep you away from this album, here’s something more: WW is the first nominee to Daniel’s 2005 awards in the category of “Most monotonous and boring drum work in a Black Metal album”; can you say no fills, no variation and no passion? Gehenna can.

So what we have is a collection of eight perfectly produced and executed, pieces of uninspired Black Metal that will make you think: "I've been waiting for their Black Metal come back for years, and this is what I get?". Unless of course, you actually liked their last albums; then there's a slight chance you'll enjoy this one; but then again, what's wrong with you if you enjoyed the last ones!?

“Hmmm… So they’re back playing Black Metal huh. I love old Gehenna, I think I’ll try this new one out just in case”. Don’t. “But I think that…” Just don’t. “But…” DO NOT.

Killing Songs :
If I drink loads of booze and then headbang like a motherfucker, I can actually puke through my nose.
Daniel quoted 37 / 100
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