Symphony X - V
InsideOut Music
Prog / Power Metal
13 songs (62'48)
Release year: 2000
Symphony X, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Chris

This is the 5th opus for this prog / power metal band and let’s just say that it came as no surprise to me. I really think that Symphony X arrived into a dead way and should really go backtrack and try to find their old majesty.

Symphony X reached the peak of their music with the extraordinary Divine Wings Of Tragedy, which is without any contestation a must have and a bombastic release. This new opus however, like it’s predecessor is flat, it’s Symphony X with the nice keyboards in the back and some powerful guitar riffs and heavy drums. The vocals are also good, the only problem is that I have the impression of knowing all these songs and not only that but I cannot recognize any of them as my favourite songs from the band...

They are some excellent moments then and there and I guess die-hard fans of the band will like the album, I however tend to get bored by this music now… there’s nothing new to grab on to, except perhaps for the excellent concept art cover. This band possess very impressive musicianship and is able to deliver much better, cause for me the albums are getting weaker and weaker now, I prefer Twilight In Olympus (precedent work) than this new one although it was also already inferior than it’s predecessor. As for the production it’s crystal clear, no problem there.

To conclude I’d say that if you never heard of Symphony X and like prog metal you might like this album, as for die-hard fans, I’m sure they’ll all find something in here, but me, I tend to get bored by these tunes… I miss some originality from Symphony X and the songs, even though I acknowledge the fact that they are good if looked at one by one, are not touching me anymore and like I said I have this impression of knowing almost all of them already. Maybe it’s just me, but in case it’s not you’d better try before you buy.

Killing Songs :
I couldn't tell...
Chris quoted 72 / 100
Aleksie quoted 88 / 100
Boris quoted 93 / 100
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