Skyclad - Folkemon
Nuclear Blast
Folk Heavy Metal
10 songs (50'30)
Release year: 2000
Skyclad, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
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10. Record number tenth ... and this folk heavy metal band from UK still goes on in a style where I though that after 4 or 5 records, it will be difficult to bring something fresh or interesting in that style. I was wrong and Skyclad proves with their new record that they can still astonished us, that they can still bring something special to the metal scene.

However, I wasn't totally wrong because this Folkemon (excellent joke) is much heavier and I can say that Skyclad has become a kind of heavy/power/folk band. Following the first two songs (killers !!!) it is fast, heavy and very powerful. The "folk elements are discreet, some "prog" moments here and there, speedy guitar's riff, and this folk metal seems now stronger than ever. Since 1991 the Newcastle's band has innovated something that seemed to be lost in today's music world and especially the combination of folk & metal music has always been connected to this term. I don't remember any other bands that succeeded with the mixture of these two styles (Subways to Sally or In Extremo now). Skyclad had the reputation of being the "creator" of the folk metal-band and rules as number 1.

If you know Skyclad, you won't be disappointed at all (even be astonished by some Running Wild riff on the first song, epic song here and there) and this a sure buy. I really like this Folkemon and for those of you who don't know the band this is an excellent start ... actually it is so good that you might have a look back to the other nine Skyclad's record. Nice, very nice.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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