Oratory - Illusion Dimensions
Limb Music Products
True Metal CopyCat!
12 songs (55'57)
Release year: 2000
Oratory, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Chris

The first thing I liked right away is the nice outer space out cover, really cool.

The music is true metal, with catchy melodies. Unfortunately the vocal parts need to be reviewed... I mean I’m not even sure it’s not false sometimes, what is sure is that the vocals are not helping the already very simple song writing skills of this band. There also are some girl vocals and they are way better than the one from the male singer. The songs are nice but let’s face it you heard it tens of times before with a much better production.

Aside the vocalist that needs some practice, the drums also should be reconsidered as they really suck from time to time and when they don’t they simply repeat the same simple beat that even I could play. The only hope for the band is some good ideas like the way the keyboards are used, and sometimes the female vocals, used as choirs.

The Stratovarius copycat on some songs is REALLY so obvious that makes you want to laugh at the limited inspiration of these guys... like Metal Messenger... I’m still laughing, come on guys, you REALLY think that people won’t notice how HUGE the copycat goes on this song, so what you changed the verse vocal melody, added some annoying mid tempo bridge but ripped the main chorus melody from one classic Stratovarius song (Hold On To Your Dreams) shame on you and don’t come and tell me it’s not on purpose.

Writing songs is not given to anybody, and mixing up others work is not paying off when it’s done this way... Being inspired by bands is normal, stealing melodies is a different thing...

With so many talented bands around, you do not need cheap copy-cat work like Oratory believe me. This album is a copy paste after another from someone else work... and the only hope for this band is to develop their little originality on the not copied moments. Next time give us some Oratory please, cause I have the feeling that you can do much better than this!

Killing Songs :
You don't want to know :) !
Chris quoted 37 / 100
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