Crystal Ball - Hard Impact
Point Music
Melodic Hard Rock
10 songs (41'45)
Release year: 2000
Crystal Ball, Point Music
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Cover-art similitude with last Paradox's record (Collision Course) shall not mislead you : Crystal Ball's style has no chance to find any similitude with Paradox. Where the German band plays a power / thrash music, this Swiss band is playing ... melodic hard rock. And a top-class one please !

If you are missing Bon Jovi first records, Foreigner's best songs, Def Leppard's first masterpieces and wondering if this style was definitively dead, jump on this Hard Impact. From the first minute to the last one, it is an invitation to sing under your shower, to forget all your problems, to place it in your car and turn the volume level at the maximum position. Even if it rains hard outside your car, you will have this "flying feeling" that nothing can hurt you today ... hooopps here comes a truck !!!

Those of you who think that last Bon Jovi wasn't very honest, that last Def Leppard's records have been betrayal to the melodic hard rock style, don't worry Crystal Ball's Hard Impact is the kind of CD drug you need. From Queen of the Nights ("à la" Pink Cream), Never Surrender or Step by Step ("à la" Jaded Heart), Passion or Crystal Ball (fast songs), Soul Mate (whooaaawww!), FM (another whoooaaawww!), to Shine On or Won't Bite (both reminding me Foreigner), Crystal Ball serves us 10 songs, 10 killers, 10 knock-your-brain songs, one better the other.

Perfect ... simply perfect. If you are a fan of Pink Cream, Jaded Heart, Foreigner, Def Leppard or Shakra run as fast as you can to the nearest metal store. And if you fall in love with this Hard Impact, here comes a small piece of advise for you : this is their second record and the first one (Crystal Ball) is as good as this one. Have a Crystal Ball day my friends !!!

Killing Songs :
10 melodic "hard-rocket" songs
Danny quoted 97 / 100
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