Cradle Of Filth - Midian
Music For Nations
Black Metal
12 songs (58'58)
Release year: 2000
Cradle Of Filth, Music For Nations
Reviewed by Marc
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I'm writing these lines, not in vain hope that someone will eventually find them, but for the little comfort that it can bring me. If anyone is reading this, I'm warning you, this is a story about horrors beyond human imagination, from before time itself. This is the story of my insanity.

It all started in the record shop, when I spotted this album. From the satanic but beautiful imagery covering the box into which it was sealed, I should have guessed it would bring my doom. But I had heard it was highly anticipated by metal fans and somehow I was compelled to buy it.

When I put it in my CD player, I could immediately sense its dark power. But it wasn't until I had listened to it a few times that it began affecting my mind. The voice of the singer, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming, always relating myths of ancient evil (in the tradition of the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft) was trying to convert me to their black arts. The track "Satanic Mantra" even contains the recording of people chanting an evil incantation, peak of the horror movie atmosphere of this CD. The keyboards seemingly from hell, played melodies that slowly obsessed me. Soon I found out that I was listening to this music all the time. I couldn't stop, not for sleeping, not for eating, I was caught in this dark spell. I probably could have found the path of light again if it wasn't for the black metal guitar riffs that annihilated my last shreds of resistance. What can a lone human being do against a perfect production?

There isn't much time left. Midian, city of the lost ones, awaits me. I can already hear them coming for me...

Killing Songs :
Her Ghost In The Fog, Tearing The Veil From Grace
Marc quoted 95 / 100
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