Beneath The Massacre - Evidence of Inequity
Galy Records
Technical Death Metal
5 songs (16:57)
Release year: 2005
Beneath The Massacre, Galy Records
Reviewed by Jason

The first question that came to mind after listening to this disc was “ I wonder how many instruments the band destroyed while recording this album?”. I mean, there seriously must be some kind of unspoken competition among Quebec metal drummers, wherein each drummer tries his utmost to obliterate his drum kit more than the other. Justin Rouselle is a machine! Not only does he fire on his drums at the rate of an M-16 on automatic, but it sounds as if he’s hitting those things with a sludge hammer in each hand. As Beneath the Massacre’s promotional description accurately outlines "Evidence of Inequity is a skillful demonstration of astonishing technicality and relentless brutality”, and I really couldn’t be more in accord with this statement.

Hailing from Montreal, Beneath the Massacre is yet another dose of hyper-technical Death Metal that will appeal to fans of Cryptopsy, Nile, Suffocation and Dillinger Escape Plan. For avid fans of the aforementioned, I can almost guarantee that Evidence of Inequity will totally knock your socks off. A tight combination of hypersonic drums, angry growls, furious guitar riffs and bass lines are the prerequisites that are the foundation for almost any crazy Death Metal album; Now say we were to take this formula and replace most of the riffs and all guitar solos with stellar harmonics, and screw with the song’s tempo literally every 5 seconds, we’d likely have something close to or exactly like Evidence of Inequity sounds like.

The audio pulverizing begins with the 2 and half minute Comforting Prejudice, which jumps right into technical blast beats and harmonics, sparing the listener from any kind of slow introduction. The rest of the CD follows the same fast tempo and stylistic pattern as Comforting Prejudice, but the highlight of the disc would have to be Profitable Killcount which is just a masterful demonstration of musical ability by the band members.

The Growls are fierce, the musicianship is destructive, but not everything is perfect. The imperfection of this disc would undeniably be attributed to its length, which only totals approximately 16 minutes and composed of 5 tracks. A longer disc would definitely have earned this band a quote, and a high one at that.

Hopefully this short LP is a foreshadowing of things to come, because Beneath the Massacre truly gives the competition a run for their money when it comes to Death Metal. Some words of advice: CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!

Killing Songs :
The whole 16 minutes
Jason quoted no quote
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