Helloween - Mrs. God (Single)
Melodic Power Metal
3 songs (12'34)
Release year: 2005
Helloween, SPV
Reviewed by Marty
The new Helloween album, Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy is due to hit the stores this fall around Halloween (of course!!). Although the fans have been wanting another "Keeper" styled album, many are questioning the decision to do another since it wouldn't involve vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) who were both such an integral part of the original Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts 1 and 2 recordings back in the mid 80's. The post Kai Hansen/Michael Kiske line-up of Helloween that included vocalist Andi Deris, guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch scored major success with albums like Master Of The Rings and The Time Of The Oath and seemed destined to take Helloween to new heights. Subsequent albums such as Better Than Raw and The Dark Ride had their moments but were hit and miss with the fans. With both Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch leaving a few years ago to form Masterplan, there were serious doubts about the future of Helloween. Recruiting guitarist Sasha Gerstner (Freedom Call) and drummer Stefan Schwartzman (UDO, Accept), they seemed destined to carry on. Although Rabbit Don't Come Easy was a triumphant return to the more classic Helloween sound, it was also met with mixed reaction from the fans. With the song writing quality seeming to slide a little, it is natural that many are sceptical of them being able to produce another album worthy of the Keeper name. During the recording of the new album, drummer Stefan Schwartzman decided to leave as he was unable to play properly at the kind of speed that some of the new material required. It was a tough decision but he felt that it was in the best interest of the band if they got someone else. Filling the vacant drummer position is former Rawhead Rexx skinbeater Dani Loble.

The first single to be released from the forthcoming album is an Andi Deris penned track entitled Mrs. God. At first, I was a little taken back by this song - I just didn't think that it was all that strong. After repeated listens, I've grown to quite like the song with its very catchy chorus, quirky lyrics and overall "novelty" type of feel. Most Helloween albums have at least one track like this and this one just happened to be the choice for lead-off single. Depending on the version of this CD single that is available to you, the track listing is different. All versions contain Run (In The Name Of Your Enemy), a non-album track which is a solid mix of mid tempo and speedy Helloween metal that uses some weird vocal effects. This one, like Mrs. God has a great catchy chorus section as well. Some versions will contain the awesome track My Life For One More Day which will be on the new album. A great speedy and driving song, it has the kind of intensity, melody, speedy double bass drumming and soaring chorus that were such a staple of albums like Master Of The Rings and Time Of The Oath. The European version of this CD single also contains the lead-off track to the new album, a 13 minute epic entitled The King Of A 1000 Years. All I can really say about this track is ooh my f***ing God!!! This very well could be the best track that the post Michael Kiske era Helloween has ever written and with a structure much like the song Keeper Of The Seven Keys, it rivals that in intensity and quality and is destined to be a future Helloween classic. I won't say any more as I want to save the full analysis of this stunning track for my review of the album. For Japanese fans, the video for Mrs. God is included in this CD single as well.

If what I hear of the new material is any indication of what's to come, I think that Helloween fans will be happy with the new album. Epic songs and much better song writing seem to be very evident with the new material and the band themselves have stated that they refused to put the "Keeper" name on anything that wasn't of the highest quality possible. I think that they just might pull this off and deliver an album that will be one of the better ones in many, many years. In the meantime, grab this CD single and enjoy the new material. And, if you can get the version with The King Of A 1000 Years, all the better. Until then, Halloween just can't get here fast enough!!!

Killing Songs :
My Life For One More Day and The King Of A 1000 Years
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