Rammstein - Rosenrot
Industrial Pop Metal
11 songs (48'30)
Release year: 2005
Rammstein, Universal/Republic Records Homepage
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

Rammstein proclaims a two/three year pause following their latest studio album, Rosenrot. They will release shortly the Reise Reise DVD tour, but no more tour and album for two/three years. This is a wise decision as Rosenrot is basicaly their weakest release ... ever.

Of course, one will say that we simply get used to Rammstein's sound and style but where the hell has vanished their aggressive industrial metal trademark. Here, Rammstein almost turned ... pop. I discovered Rammstein with Mutter record and since this release the whole family loves this band. Many many times in our car, Rammstein albums are stuck in the cd player. Following first listening in the car, my 11 year son said : "This can't be Rammstein dad, this is much too quiet". The kid summarizes the album in just one sentence :-).

The Germans state publicly that Rosenrot contains Reise Reise "old" studio songs, the weakest ones not used at that time I guess. Except Zerstören - killer riff, killer chorus, killer tempo, the only aggressive track on Rosenrot - and Te Quierro Puta - a wonderful Spanish oriented track - the rest of the album is so predictable. Rosenrot, Hilf Mir, Mann Gegen Mann, Feuer Und Wasser are good average tracks like Benzin is - the single- but where Mutter was full of hits (Mein Herz brennt, Links 234, Ich Will, Feuer Frei!, Mutter, Spieluhr, Zwitter, Rein Raus, Adios) and Reise Reise exploded our neck with Mein Teil, America, Moskau, Kein Lust, Morgenstern, Stein Um Stein, this album misses the target: no hit in this record, a highest pitch for Rammstein :-(.

There is even a lady singing on Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do) ... the ultimate sell-out?

The Germans took five minutes to record a new album, why shall I waste more time to review it? No worries friends, Rosenrot will be sold millions of copies out there ... but Rammstein lost their soul with this record.

I just hope the three years pause will help them recover it. Let me doubt it ...

Killing Songs :
Zertören, Te Quierro Puta!
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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