Avantasia - Avantasia (EP)
AFM Records
True Metal
4 songs (21'20)
Release year: 2000
Tobias Sammet's site, AFM Records
Reviewed by Danny

If you have read our Edguy's interview six month ago and are a fan of Tobias Sammet, you are like us : dying of waiting for his new project Avantasia, The Metal Opera.

We don't quote EP, but believe me this one would have received a very good one. It is a pleasure to hear again Toby singing. I don't know how to explain it, but this singer has really something special, something unique in his voice. Fans of Edguy will not be disappointed and fans of German metal in general will love this Avantasia. Ah those Germans, they rule.

It starts with Avantasia (edit version & album version), a typical Edguy song, with keyboards, a mid-tempo teaser of what will explode your metal head on 16.01.2001 (official European release date for the full length album). Chorus are as usual ... KILLERS. Overall, this song is a bit slower compare to Edguy and could be described as a "radio-hit". The guitars are mixed in the back and both chorus & keyboard are in front of the sound. Excellent, really excellent. The kind of song you sing under the shower. Reach Out For The Light continues, but this time it starts a bit faster and reminds me Stratovarius. But again, this song would have its place in Edguy's Vain Glory Opera. Chorus is again a killer and guitar riff makes me play with my "invisible guitar". Tobias voice on this one is simply Avantasia... heu sorry Amazing. Whooaaaww !!!

But the best is about to explode my hears. Here comes The Final Sacrifice, with David DeFeis of Virgin Steele. The best song of this EP and take notice that you will not find this song on the full length album. This is what I call a masterpiece true metal song. Holy sh*t ! First, I am really impressed by Defeis' voice (incredible new range in his vocals). Secondly, the melodies and the fight between Tobias and Defeis is magical. Finally, the power metal guitar rhythm and the unbelievable chorus has annihilated my last resistance.

Ok guys, I must leave you now because my time-machine is ready to send me on ... 16.01.2001. See you there metal heads.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted no quote
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