Evoken - Antithesis of Light
Mercenary Musik
Funeral Doom
7 songs (71'41")
Release year: 2005
Evoken, Mercenary Musik
Reviewed by Adam
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If you were to ask a doom fan where the best funeral doom originates from, chances are that you’re not likely to hear the US, and rightfully so. New Jersey’s Evoken seek to change this fact with their latest release, Antithesis of Light.

For those not familiar with this band, they play a devastatingly heavy hybrid of death metal and funeral doom in the vein of Australia’s diSEMBOWELMENT. Following Quietus, their previous work, which many (including myself) consider to be a landmark doom album, Evoken began a lengthy layoff which seemed like an eternity. Due to my love of Quietus, I had very high expectations for this album, and, after considerable listening time, I can safely say that I am not the least bit disappointed.

After an ominous one-minute intro, In Solitary Ruin starts things off in typical Evoken fashion. Slow, crushing doom riffs ooze out around John Paradiso’s grinding growl, occasionally speeding things up into death metal territory. One of Evoken’s most redeeming qualities has always been the ability to switch seamlessly between these two styles without sacrificing the flow of their songs, and they have not lost their touch. The keyboards from their last outing have been well incorporated again, as seen particularly in the opening of, and scattered amongst, the title track.

Another aspect of this album that stands out is the atmosphere of it. While it is hard to describe in words, the best way I can think of is that Antithesis of Light sounds as if it could double as the score to a terrifying horror film. The pain and emotion of the funeral doom aspects are only intensified by the brutality of the incorporated death metal ingredients, making for frightening (in a good way) results.

With all songs clearing the ten-minute mark, except for the intro, this epic takes a dedicated listener, but, in my mind, it is time well spent. Evoken’s guitar sound is positively awe inducing for its depth and heaviness, not to mention they employ the services of one of the best drummers in the doom genre in Vince Verkay, who showcases this fact throughout. The songs are very consistent with enough variations thrown in as to not make them sound similar.

Overall, this album is a very impressive effort. Now begins the arduous process of awaiting another Evoken release. I can only hope the near five year hiatus is not repeated, but if their next release is this good, it will be well worth the wait.
Killing Songs :
In Solitary Ruin, Accursed Premonition, Antithesis of Light, though its tough to go wrong here.
Adam quoted 91 / 100
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