Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Death Metal
9 songs (38'12)
Release year: 1999
Children Of Bodom, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Chris
Album of the year

How the hell can any human being write music like this ?!?!! By the way, someone should check Alexi Laiho's blood sample, cause as far as I know this guy isn't human :) (hope we'll soon be invaded by this new specie if it brings us more music like that). This album is a blackhole, a distortion in space and time eating everything that comes in it's way, your mind, your soul... oh my god, "it's full of stars" !

The song writing is amazing, you get 5 to 6 different melodies within one song (mixing slow and very fucking fast moments), the guitars solos and riffs are so powerful yet so melodic that they actually makes you lose track of time... you think you've listened to 6 minutes of music but actually only a little minute and half really went away. The overall is a very speedy, very melodic album which after a few listening may become one of your favourite albums (it did for me)! As for Alexi's voice... okay I admit I'm not a big fan of too screamy voices so I won't make any judgment here, but I just think that when he's being a little less aggressive with his voice it sounds better... (sounds like Sentenced or Metallica sometimes). This album is the logic continuation of Something Wild which I also consider to be a killer album !! This one is more mature, more complex. The guitars improved greatly on this one, the melodies are really staying in your mind and taking you for the ride of your life. (BTW if your driving speed is proportional to the power of the music you listen : don't put this CD into your car :)) !!).

So, they're Children of Bodom, lower your guard, open your soul or you'll be destroyed... because there's no way you can escape them : "Resistance is futile, you'll be assimilated!"

Killing Songs :
Absolutely every one of them !!!
Chris quoted CLASSIC
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