Killing Machine - Killing Machine
Heavy Metal
10 songs (41'08)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

Killing Machine is a pure heavy metal band combining the best elements of Accept or Judas Priest played the US way. The band is made up vocalist Micheal Vescera (Roland Craspow, Malmsteen, Loudness), guitarist Peter Scheitbauer (Belladonna, Stream), drummer Stet Howland (WASP, Impelitteri) and Mike Duda (WASP) on bass.

They play true heavy metal, but their chorus are less "commercial" and melodic compare to Hammerfall. Their traditional metal reminds me more Liege Lord, Cage or Gothic Knights. Michael Vescera is doing a good job on the vocals, although I regret he sing always the same way (more feeling next time please).

The production is ok, but we are very far from the sound produced by last Primal Fear or Hammerfall. The sound is trapped ... or if you prefer we cannot really hear all the instruments. Shame, because the quality of the sound has become a very important "buying factor" by metal kids out there. Next time guys, come back with a better producer as we can produce much better sound today. I like the heavy metal of the 80's ... that doesn't mean I still like the production that goes with it!

I recommend this record to all true heavy metal fans, especially people out there who like the 80's. Don't expect miracles, but if you are fan of metal, without effects, straight guitar, bass, drums and vocals raging hard rock, try this one as it might interest you.

Killing Songs :
Killing Machine, Judgement Day
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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