Grave Flowers - Solace Me
Serenades Records
Gothic Metal
7 songs (38'27)
Release year: 2000
Grave Flowers
Reviewed by Marc

This newcomer from Sweden plays melodic gothic metal. Musically it's very nice, maybe a little bit simple, but still very enjoyable with influences from the gothic classics like Sisters Of Mercy as well as a little doom influence (My Dying Bride). All the vocals are clear but unfortunately the singer didn't convince me, especially in the high pitched range. It's not all bad since in some parts he has a very beautiful voice in others it isn't good at all. The result is very melodic and as depressing as it's required by the genre. The production is very good for a debut album.

While I like some parts, the band still has a lot of improvement to do. But if you're into gothic music, the saddest the better, then you might give it a try.

Killing Songs :
Mentally Exposed, No More Winters, Voluntary Silence
Marc quoted 60 / 100
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