Earth Crisis - Slither
Victory Records
Alternative Hardcore
14 songs (46'24)
Release year: 2000
Victory Records
Reviewed by Danny

This is the kind of fresh thing I am expecting by the extreme scene (but can we still consider Hardcore as extreme compare to death metal, grind or gore metal ???). Instead of delivering an other hardcore record, Earth Crisis has decide to "play" with alternative melodies and included these effets in their hardcore metal.

Some Slayer riffs here and there combine with some alternative part, brutal vocals meeting clear vocals, why not ? On Agress, the guitar riff following the chorus reminds me Maiden (just the riff guys, just the riff !!!). The mixture is quite surprising actually (their are some rap lyrics here and there too), but their songs have both power and melody and are easy to listen to. Some riffs enter in your brain and are neck-breaker moments for the listener. The production sound is excellent.

Now it all depends on wether you like this type of music or not. If yes jump on it now. If no, stay away from it as we are talking here about hardcore after all, with or without alternative moments.

Killing Songs :
Agress, Slither
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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