Annihilator - Carnival Diablos
Heavy / Thrash
11 songs (59'50)
Release year: 2000
Annihilator, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
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Ten albums and a million records sold worldwide; not bad for an unrepentant and purist thrash metal band from the tall pines of Western Canada. But also many stories and problems with their vocalist! I hope this time Jeff Waters will be able to keep his new singer, Mr. Joe Comeau (Liege Lord singer, ex-guitarist for Overkill), for more than one record, because Joe is simply amazing. He turned himslef this new Annihilator as the best they have ever recorded.

I have appreciate his vocals on Liege Lord, but here we are talking about "the Almanac of the Heavy Metal singer". His "normal" voice (you will understand later why I say normal) is really good and he knows how to give colors to a song with his voice. On the other hand, he is simply amazing when he changes his vocals! What the hell I am taking about you might think? Well listen (actually read carefully) what follows, because after the first play, I didn't believe it myself. On first song, Denied, Joe is playing with his vocals and you can hear UDO here and there. On third song, a typical Metallica thrash song, his vocals changes again, but this is just the beginning.

Fifth song, Shallow Grave, sees the return of Mr. Bon Scott himself and the guitar riffs that goes with this song is a tribute to AC/DC (actually the best "AC/DC" song since the record of Highway To Hell). I know there are a lot of AC/DC fans out there, but please listen to track number five and you will not believe it, as I did. I was searching him in the booklet everywhere, but I know he cannot come back. Joe thank you for this song, thank you for Bon Scott. This is the best tribute somebody could ever made to Bon.

And the tribute continues as six song, Time Bomb, sees Joe singing like Halford. What a song! I have break my neck with this song and the unbelievable guitar riff (this riff is hunted me in my head). Joe plays again with his vocals and sings like Halford and the best is about to come. On the middle of the tenth song, Epic Of War, Joe sing like Bruce Dickinson, like Bruce was singing on the Trooper.
Phenomenal !!! He screams like Bruce and you can feel the hate going out his vocals and you think : why the hell Bruce doesn't sing like this anymore. Thanks again Joe for the feelings you wake up on that song.

It would be fair to mention also the excellent song-writting of Jeff Water, because this Carnival Diablos has been written by him. Of course, when you have such a singer, it is much easier to write songs, from thrash to traditional metal. Songs like Denied or The Rush are already classics for me (The Rush is the best heavy metal song I have heard since...). Please guys this time stay togheter for at least another record. Exit Rampage, long live Joe Comeau!!!

This CD is stuck in my player since two weeks now and the bloody player doesn't react to the eject button. Can you believe this!!!

Killing Songs :
The Rush, Denied, Shallow Grave, Carnaval Diablos, Time Bomb
Danny quoted 96 / 100
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