Disinter - Welcome To Oblivion
Morbid Records
Thrash / Death
10 songs (36'39)
Release year: 2000
Disinter, Morbid Records
Reviewed by Marc

This is the debut album of the Chicago thrash/death band. And unfortunately their isn't really much for this band to stand out among all the bands playing the same style.

Yes, some parts are interesting and the musicians have the required level of skills but that's about everything. The vocalist is quite annoying, he tries some variants of growls but none is really convincing. The band also tries to go into too many different directions, for example the song "Holy Parasite" with a very slow tempo (who said doom?) is quite boring, especially when inserted amidst faster songs. The production is standard, not bad, but it lacks anything that could give this album a unique atmosphere.

Not an awful release, but nothing exceptional either, this CD is mostly boring (only 36 minutes but it feels like much longer). I hope Disinter will take the best of it and make a better second album, there isn't much missing to achieve that. Try before you buy!

Killing Songs :
The Sleeper Awakens, Field Of Screams
Marc quoted 50 / 100
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