Dominion Caligula - A New Era Rises
No Fashion Records
Melodic Dark/Black Metal
8 songs (44'39)
Release year: 2000
No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Marc
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This band, formed as a side-project of some Dark Funeral members, delivers a very convincing first album.

Far from a pure Black Metal release, this album adds a lot of other influences. Somehow it reminds me of Sentenced (their new albums) and the female vocals on "In Love With The Gods" and "Drink The Royal Seed" add a nice little atmospheric touch. The cool solos and the perfect sound quality complete the musical picture. Melodic and beautiful, but still with some black metal riffs and vocals, this album can be easily appreciated by fans of some more atmospheric bands.

Fans of Dark Funeral are probably going to buy this CD unconditionally but they are the ones that might be disappointed if they are expecting the same level of aggression. If you like the softer, more melodic side of black metal this CD is for you!!

(The cover artwork displayed here is from the promo version and will be different on the retail version.)

Killing Songs :
Drink The Royal Seed, Let Them Hate Me, In Love With The Gods
Marc quoted 90 / 100
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