Slaughter Lord - Thrash 'til Death
Invictus Productions
Thrash Metal
9 songs (40:49)
Release year: 2007
Invictus Productions
Reviewed by Goat

Thrash Metal as a genre has undergone quite the renaissance recently, the likes of Municipal Waste, Evile and Dekapitator proudly flying the flag of hate. No longer is it relegated to poor efforts from ‘core wannabes like Trivium; hordes of new bands are preparing to enter the crypt of riffs and unleash their Thrash attack on the rest of the world. It is, then, a perfect time for underground Irish label Invictus Productions to re-release this collection of rehearsals and demos to document what could have been the greatest Thrash band the world has ever seen.

Famous only in that one of their songs was covered by At The Gates, cult Australian outfit Slaughter Lord released a couple of demos and then imploded, leaving fans with little except memories. Musically this is harsh, as much primitive Death Metal as Thrash, and if you find the early works from Sodom and Destruction tough to listen to, then you really should stop reading now, as the production on Thrash ‘til Death makes them sound crystalline in comparison. Songs such as Legion and Onslaught (the band’s original name before news of the English horde by the same name reached them) are messy and raw, with a near-constant fuzz in the background. For the true slaves of pain out there, though, this will be heaven. The guitars and drums are easily audible and obviously played with a good deal of skill, the vocals are sick yelps, and the whole thing clatters along at an alarmingly fast pace. Sure, there’s the odd melodic introduction, such as on Steel Lords of War, but they’re few and far between, and act as short breaks from headbanging more than anything else.

This is definitely aimed at a specific market, the types of people for whom Slayer were never quick enough, Bathory too controlled. Even if you think that there can never be another outbreak of evil as incendiary and thrilling as what the eighties gave us, this is worth a listen. If the young bands of today use this as their inspiration instead of Metallica, then the new breed of Thrashers are going to be an invincible force indeed. So, devil’s soldiers, get out those bullet belts and leather jackets, and let the bestial devastation destroy the wimps and posers. The black magic has returned, and what better way to see it in than with a collection of gnarly whiplashers such as this?

Killing Songs :
Each and every track will dislocate your neck
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