Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter
Osmose Productions
Black Metal
6 songs (46'09)
Release year: 1999
Immortal, Osmose Productions
Reviewed by Danny

Surprise of 1999 ? Hell yes !!! Immortal has "lost" Demonaz and all of a sudden everybody is more or less sure that Immortal will not survive without him, at least their music will not be as good as previously. Wrong bet ! Best Immortal album ? As of today no doubt about it. Black metal merged with traditional heavy metal riff (even some "progressive moments" on "Solarfall", "Tragedies Blows At Horizon" & "Years Of Silent Sorrow"). 6 songs (only!) on this "diamond" for a 46 black metal minutes, around 7 to 8 minutes per song ! Really new compare to their previous albums. With "At The Heart Of Winter" Immortal has "almost" redefined the "black-metal" style and sound. Peter "Tagtgren" has produced again a good sound, but I still think that he can do better with Immortal. Epic songs, wall of "apocalyptic" guitars, which are also mixed with killing riffs (believe it or not, but typical Maiden's melodies have been included). Music is much more present compare to lyrics, but somehow "logical" with songs that have been "extended" from 3 minutes to 7-8 minutes. The overall "ambiance" is cold and oppressive, but I wasn't expecting such a good result with this mixture of "black meets traditional heavy". Vocals are coming straight from hell and this "devil" voice fits perfectly well to this kind of music. Well done "Winter Demons".
Last but not least, the art cover ! The best one I have seen since.....since.....since......I don't remember. A big "bravo" also to M. Fournier for this great cover.

Killing Songs :
Withstand The Fall, Solarfall, Years Of Silent Sorrow
Danny quoted 95 / 100
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