Seventh Avenue - Terium
Massacre Records
Melodic Power / Speed Metal
15 songs ()
Release year: 2008
Seventh Avenue, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris
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This is the first album I have listened to from this German band, and I can already tell you its not going to be the last. This band was actually formed way back in in 89, so they've been around for a while, but it took Terium for them to get my attention, and they got it fully now ! I've since then found an old promo of the previous album, Eternals, and while it contains great tunes and moments, it seems that Terium is a incredible improvement for the band (especially on the arrangement and song-writing), a gigantic leap forward that could catapult this band very high if this progression continues !

After the into, the first song kicks in with a Iron Maiden like riff (its pretty clear they are an influence), and what strikes right away is how tight the bands sounds, with awesome vocals, which tends to be the usual typical power metal achilles' heel, but not here. Herbie Langhans (who is also the lead guitar player) shines throughout this album, delivering a rock solid performance with brio and panache. From the first song to the last its clear that the guitar work is also a big important strongpoint for this band. Fast and furious riffs, melodies flying all over the place, twin guitars attacks, soloing, everything is there, and everything is top-notch ! But the rhythm section is not to be forgotten, solid to say the least. The second song, also title of the album, Terium, is an awesome fast-paced melodic slap in the face, in between the awesome vocals, catchy yet powerful chorus, and incredible melodic riffs brings this song to the stratosphere. And the best is yet to come... cause this album contains 14 songs, all killer, and clocks at more than 70 minutes (quite atypical for power metal). And usually when albums are long, you will find boring moments, but not here. In between fast paced songs (most of them are !), the (heavy) mid-tempos and the two ballads (one epic and one emotional guitar-less, piano driven song), Terium is giving you a run for your money. I could detail each songs but  it would then result in a very long review, and I really don't want to spoil you too much. But let's just say that songs like Terium, Futur's Dawn, Needs, Betrayal, Two Masters, Priests And Servants will carve their incredible choruses into your mind for a very, very long time. New Era closes the album with a bang, another terrific song and a great way to end such a grand album. I cannot stress enough how everything flows and sounds so perfectly.

An incredible surprise, an album that sounds mature and airtight ! If you like Power / Speed Metal acts with awesome vocals and choruses to die for, then you can't afford not to add Terium to your CD collection. I've listened to this album more than 15 times already, and each and everytime it makes me want to headbang and sing out loud and never get bored of it. An almost certain candidate for Surprise of the Year album. Two thumbs up !
Killing Songs :
All of them, but Future's Dawn, Betrayal, Priests and Servants are in a league of their own !
Chris quoted 91 / 100
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