Simbiose - Evolution?
Major Label Industries
10 songs (28:03)
Release year: 2008
Simbiose, Major Label Industries
Reviewed by Goat

Taking the Hardcore approach to Grind rather than the Death Metal one, Portuguese six-piece Simbiose has been cranking out the crusty riffs since 1991. Third album Evolution? is built mainly around said riffing, Punky chugs of noise that will have most headbanging within the first few tracks. Unfortunately for the band, everything bar the guitars simply feels poor after repeated listens. Drums seem to play the same standard rock beat throughout, never attempting the blastbeats that the genre is typical for. There are a few moments where it fits in with the riffing and everything gels, such as in album highlight Que Interessa? which makes a real effort to pull away from the other, rather samey songs. There are two vocalists, a throaty growler and a shouter, neither especially remarkable, although the occasional non-English vocals are slightly reminiscent of Brujeria.

Overall, Simbiose sound like Hatebreed covering Terrorizer. Which is all well and good, as any Grinder worth his or her salt will be headbanging on principle at the mention of the legend’s name, but it’s ultimately like putting ice in your single malt – why on earth would you want to do that? Some people may like it but the connoisseurs won’t for long, and in Simbiose’s case you can take the word ‘connoisseur’ at its loosest meaning. Heard Terrorizer, Napalm Death, or Nasum? Then there’s really nothing here that you haven’t heard done better elsewhere.

Evolution? isn’t a dreadful album, of course. The artwork is pretty darn cool, and that riffing really is little short of perfect. If you really, really can’t get enough of this kind of thing, then chances are that you’ll love Simbiose, but discerning Grinders will look elsewhere.

Killing Songs :
Crippled, Mundo em Guerra, Que Interessa?
Goat quoted 62 / 100
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