Divinity - Allegory
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Death Metal
10 songs (41:02)
Release year: 2008
Divinity, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Goat

Originally self-released by the band in mid-2007, Nuclear Blast were so impressed with these plucky young Canadians that they gave the album an official release, and this is mostly a good thing. The fivepiece is clearly quite experienced, having been in existence since 1999, and opening track Induce is a twisting blast of melodic death heaven, clear technical frills and trills making their welcome presence known. Alas, things go slightly downhill from there, the momentum broken by a sample in follow-up Power Control, and although it makes a valiant effort the album is constantly trying to regain what it had on the first track from then on.

This is a real shame, as on instrumental terms the band is on fire. Few Melodeathers make their music as technical and skilled as Divinity do here – once you’ve gotten used to Sean Jenkins’ yelled vocals, the music is not short of stunning. Intricate riffs snake their way around Brett Duncan’s drums, solos come and go, perfectly placed – and rarely does the band step away from the Melodeath template, making Allegory a compelling metaphor for Metallic flawlessness indeed. Even the inevitable clean-sung moments are rare and well-placed, taking this band a step above the hordes that see Melodic Death Metal as synonymous with Pop.

All in all, the band are a few years too late to be a revolutionary force on the scene, but considering that Allegory is the band’s debut, it’s not unfair to say that great things are expected from these guys. The few missteps, like the Industrial percussion that opens Modern Prophecy, and the slightly repetitive nature of tracks like Strain, can easily be ignored if the listener is willing – not hard, since the majority of the music here is little short of kickass. OK, there’s an attempt at drama with The Unending’s piano, but what we’re really after – riffs! – are soon provided, and ultimately if you’re looking for a slice of pretty-damn-good Melodeath, Divinity provides in spades. There are many bands that would like to be the next In Flames, and whilst some come close, the majority are nowhere near good enough. If Divinity builds on the foundations laid down here, however, then the next album will be little short of legendary…

Killing Songs :
Induce, Plasma, Methodic, The Unending, Chasm, Neuro Tyrant
Goat quoted 78 / 100
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