AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip
Elektra Entertainment Group Inc.
Mega Brutal Metal ..... ;-)
12 songs (43'28)
Release year: 2000
AC/DC, Elektra
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

We had this album for March reviews. However, we have decided at that time to wait a month before writing any review on last AC/DC. Why ? Because each time (talking about my personal feelings here) since For Those About To Rock, I always say : "This one is not as good as the previous one". Which is really unusual with any band or type of music where the last album is more or less always a better one. On first listening I was really disappointed of this 'quiet' rock.
When I say 'quiet', I mean very very 'bluesy', too much bluesy and not enough powerful rock songs. I thought : "Where are those famous song like Thunderstuck, Who Made Who, Heatseeker, Fire Your Guns, The Furor, TNT...., this album is really too slow......and I have not change opinion on that today.
However, what has changed is MY feeling about Stiff Upper Lip. As usual with AC/DC, the music must grow in you.
The more you listen to it.........well you know the song. Thus, for the next one I will say again "This one is not as good as the previous one". Wonderful album, far from their best pieces, but that was "another time, another dimension". The magic is still here and finally, after playing it many many times, this album is may be not 'quiet', simply..........different.
'Still Upper Lip' will not disappoint rock / blues fans. AC/DC is and will always be AC/DC. A monster of rock !!!

Killing Songs :
Stiff Upper Lip, Meltdown, Hold Me Back, Can't Stand Still
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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