Power Quest - Master Of Illusion
Napalm Records
Melodic Power Metal / Heavy Metal
10 songs (49'58)
Release year: 2008
Power Quest, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Marty
Power Quest has returned with a new album and with it comes the recent news that former Cellador guitarist Bill Hudson has since joined the band as a permanent member; adding the "twin guitar attack" to their sound along with guitarist Andrea Martongelli. He has been close with the band in recent years and even contributed a couple of solos to Master Of Illusion; the band's 4th album and first for their new label, Napalm Records.

Ever since their melodic speed metal opus Neverworld, Power Quest has been drifting further and further away from speedy melodic power metal and incorporating more of a melodic heavy metal style into their sound. They have even "softened" their sound on occasion and with the trademark rich melodic vocals of Alessio Garavello, drifts more into melodic AOR territory. So...what do we get with their latest album?…..pretty much more of the same. Tracks like the album opener Cemetary Gates, Kings Of Eternity and Never Again show us the Power Quest of old with a speedier, keyboard infused power metal sound yet the rich vocal melodies and choruses raise the quality of their material much above others in the genre. The same could be said for the other, more mid tempo melodic heavy metal tracks. Human Machine and the title track Master Of Illusion both boast a rich and melodic heavy metal sound with strong choruses and heavy use of layered vocals. A more "epic" style is seen with Master Of Illusion as well as tracks like I Don't Believe In Friends Forever and the aforementioned Never Again. Civilized? questions our sometimes savage actions towards each other as a race of beings yet paradoxically tackles all this with strong melodies and galloping chorus sections. The Vigil has more of a speedy neo-classical edge but the trade-offs between clean and harsh vocals in an attempt to "toughen" their sound a bit fails miserably. More rich and melodic heavy metal is front and center with Save The World and Hearts And Voices both featuring big soaring choruses.

The song arrangements are interesting with odd little twists and turns to make things interesting and there is a great balance between soaring melodic lead guitar work and shredding leads to add just the right "polish" to their sound. The strong keyboard presence also adds character yet the real strengths with this band lies in their strong song writing abilities and their meticulous attention to vocal melodies and strong choruses. Master Of Illusion is an extension of the sound they introduced with Magic Never Dies and once again limits the speedy power metal to just a couple of tracks. There's nothing really new here for Power Quest fans as they have always come to expect quality melodic power metal from this band with each new album. For others not that familiar with this band, they are definitely a notch above many others in the genre. Few bands like this have the type of strong grasp on melodies that Power Quest has and album after album....they have yet to disappoint.

Killing Songs :
Cemetary Gates, Kings Of Eternity, Master Of Illusion and I Don't Believe In Friends Forever
Marty quoted 80 / 100
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