The Day Everything Became Nothing - Brutal
No Escape Records
Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind
10 songs (27:35)
Release year: 2008
The Day Everything Became Nothing, No Escape Records
Reviewed by Goat

Sometimes, you have to just give up and go with what a band tells you. Australian Deathgrinders The Day Everything Became Nothing sum their sound up simply and effectively with full length number three: Brutal. With each of the ten songs numbered rather than named, there’s little to distinguish them from each other. All you have is a rather nightmarish blend of the heaviest end of Death Metal, very deep Goregrind vocals, and a guitar team that take a groove-ridden atmospheric (rather than technical riff-based) approach. That’s not to say that Brutal lacks riffs, far from it; there’s plenty of head-banging material here, and when you factor in an interesting drumming style that avoids straightforward blasts in favour of a slower, more percussive, almost Punky approach, this should be quite interesting to genre devotees.

The music itself is pretty violent, as you’d expect, yet there’s more variety than you’d expect. Of course, that’s not saying much – this is under half an hour in length for a reason. If your attention span is short, then chances are you’ll be bored less than halfway through Brutal. Those with a little patience will find much to like here, however. The groovy riffs are pretty catchy, as mentioned, and even though there’s little in the shape of identity – no song titles or discernable lyrics – everything is well-played and professional. Songs are around two or three minutes each, and a lengthy track to finish the album off would have been nice, but you can always play it again if you want more, after all.

With members serving time in other fairly well-known bands such as Fuck...I’m Dead and Blood Duster, this is the cream of the Australian extremist crop. If you enjoy your grunt n’grind, then The Day Everything Became Nothing are well worth a listen. Alas, the vast majority of Goregrind bands have limited appeal, and it’s hard to see this being any different. The most original thing here is the artwork; Brutal ultimately does exactly what it says on the label, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Killing Songs :
All or nothing
Goat quoted 75 / 100
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