Armored Saint - Revelation
MetalBlade Records
Heavy Metal
12 songs (62'15)
Release year: 2000
Armored Saint, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
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They are reunion and reunion. Armored Saint is back, but its music is also back. Back at the top actually. Not that the last Armored Saint was bad (Symbol Of Salvation), but with all those reunion, it seems that the music is not always present, or let's say that some reunion seems to call money and not necessary good music. After the first minute of first song Pay Dirt, you can feel this Revelation will blow up our brains and our speakers. It's heavy, full of "dirty" guitar riffs and the voice of John Bush (Anthrax) is so aggressive, better than ever (The Pillar) and fits perfectly well to this classical heavy metal music. You will also feel that those musicians are hungry & angry. Hungry of very good songs and angry because some riffs have this powerful "touch" and this typical US metal rage.
It will sound nostalgic for some of you (after all it's typical heavy metal from the 80's combined with the sound of the 90's), but this is the kind of heavy metal I like. It puts those news bands far, far, very far behind. The master is back. Sorry guys, but the teacher is still better than its students. Armored Saint's music is simply inimitable and very mature. Buy it.

Killing Songs :
Pay Dirt, The Pillar, Tension, Creepy Feelings
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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