Suspyre - When Time Fades...
Sensory Records
Progressive Metal
11 songs (75:36)
Release year: 2008
Suspyre, Sensory Records
Reviewed by Thomas
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New Jersey-based metallers Suspyre exploded into the progressive metal universe with their first full-length The Silvery Image. It contained various elements from different kinds of music, and mainly jazz, classical and of course the progressive metal and rock scene. I’m not that familiar with their previous work, other than what I’ve read, but from what I heard this is a much darker and gloomier record. This was pretty hard to get into. Picture a more complex and grandiose Symphony X mixed with a touch of Opeth’s chilling yet somewhat entertaining and atmospheric riffing. In addition to that, Suspyre adds their own little creative twist with saxophone as a main instrument. This does in other words demand a great deal of attention to entirely grasp. Musically this is very diverse and technical and not very catchy, hence I found myself lost in my own headphones trying to figure this one out. They’ve gotten much splurge for their jazzy influences. Someone even calls this jazz-fusion. To clear that up: This isn’t jazz-fusion at all. They’ve got jazz influences, fair enough, but a saxophone doesn’t make this jazz-fusion.

The strange yet fascinating intro of Possession sets you off, and the advanced rhythms, riffs and interludes grabs your attention at once. Everything seems so deliberate and accomplished. Suspyre wants to stick out, and they manage it to a certain point. Clay Barton’s vocals are harsh as well as appealing, and are very similar to a certain Russell Allen. That is probably the only clear similarity you’ll find here. Evolutions opens with grandiose orchestrations, structured riffs and softer vocals. The combination of all this creates a lovely chaotic feeling that lasts through the whole record. The sax kicks in, and quite surprisingly it fits great! On Lighted Endrhyme it’s the guitarists time to shine. It starts off with a lick leaning towards power metal territory before the bizarre keyboard sounds takes over, and Mr. Rosetti and Mr. Skibinsky shows off great lead skills with insane and precise arpeggio runs. Suspyre can pull of insane solos, huge and powerful orchestrations, and complex and mind-dazzling riffs and rhythms. They can also do something that present prog bands struggle with, to actually create an emotive and compelling ballad. The wonderful choir on the intro of Sirens does nothing but enchant your spirit. The beautiful piano-twiddling by Skibinski and the jazzy and groovy guitars adds another dimension to the music. Picture quiet and calm Opeth except the sometimes boring melodies, and add a little more. Shifts in mood and tempo makes a more than eligible 10-minuter.

This record never dips in quality or creativity. Even though it may seem pale on the outside after the first listen, if you take the time to fully embrace this for what it really is, you will not be disappointed. When Time Fades… was forged with great passion by musicians that really knows what they’re doing. Don’t expect anything catchy or something you’ll get after the first spin. Let it grow on you and sink in, because this is neither your typical prog band nor album. This is something a little out of the ordinary.

Killing Songs :
Lighted Endrhyme, Maniac Main Point Check, Siren (One Last Breath), Reign, A World With No Measures, Let Freedom Ring (The Heart Of It All)
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