Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise
Deathwish Inc.
Crust punk/Sludge/D-Beat
10 songs (25min)
Release year: 2008
Deathwish Inc.
Reviewed by Drew

D-beat is one of the more particularly limiting sub-genres. Many young bands have realized this fact and taken to alternate filters for this wonderfully energetic style. The thing that's so wonderful about this particular offshoot of punk rock is that it mixes quite easily with many other genres in the extreme music underground. Trap Them primarily plows through intense stop and go rhythmic hardcore and grindcore, played so aggressively and so precisely, you can't help but want to completely thrash your room. They mix this affinity with intense sludge metal to make a hell of a potent hybrid. To think, metalcore nowadays existing only as a phantom limb to the body of heavy metal. The mind wants to feel like it's there, but it possesses none of the usefulness, pleasing aesthetic, or substance that it once provided. Crust punk, however, enjoys a interesting place as more of a limb that's been amputated, augmented, and sewn back on to create more interesting and new ways for it to be used. Bands like Cursed and Coliseum have come to the same understanding as of late.

While listening to the record, the power you can imagine this band possesses in a live setting is unnerving. Kurt Ballou is the perfect candidate for recording this kind of music. With the quality of his recording and the balance of his mixing, every instrument jells but still can be heard with perfect clarity as individuals (which would seem almost ludicrous with a genre so knee deep in distortion and walls of sound). Mr. Ballou has also recently bared his teeth producing Disfear's latest album "Live the Storm".

  The sounds the band makes are fantastic. Thick, heavy drums; a really intense, early death metal guitar tone, and gruff hardcore wails. The band also consists of some legends of the late 90's fastcore/powerviolence movement, Ryan McKenney and Brian Izzi (formerly of Backstabbers Inc.). You can tell by the arrangements and musicianship that they have been around the extreme music scene for a while. The thing to remember is this is a form of punk rock, and, of course, punk rock was truly meant to be experienced in the live setting. However, if you can appreciate aggressive, relentless punk rock on record as well as right in front of your face, this one is for you. If not, just pick up a ticket to one of their shows. Based on what's presented on this record, you'll be more than pleased with the result.

Killing Songs :
Day 20: Flesh and Below, Day 23: Invertopia / Day 30: Class Warmth 
Drew quoted 82 / 100
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