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Musical interests:
  • Music
  • soft machine, gang of four, majority rule, the beatles, discordance axis, terrorizer, red hot chili peppers, intronaut, kanye west, ayumi hamasaki, darkest hour, howlin' wolf, elton john, cursed, kreator, cult of luna, grails, pageninetynine, neurosis, beethoven, ennio morricone, faith no more, metallica, le' rue delashay, danava, masada, agalloch, linkin park, air, the turtles, john mayer, gnr, rolling stones, death side, buried inside, lee "scratch" perry, boris, death, achilles, tom waits, vivaldi, mr. bungle, municiple waste, dillinger escape plan, tomahawk, dalek, moonsorrow
  • ummm....
I'm human too:
  • English teacher, in Wakayama, Japan
  • Drumming, music, people, eating, bike riding,
  • Full Sail grad, Entertainment Business B.S., Recording Arts A.A.
Other stuff I can be proud of: ...

Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise
Deathwish Inc.
Crust punk/Sludge/D-Beat
82 / 100
Architect - Ghost of the Salt Water Machines
Metal Blade
Metalcore (early style)
74 / 100
See You Next Tuesday - Intervals
Ferret Records
Chaotic Metalcore
60 / 100
Intronaut - Prehistoricisms
Century Media
Jazz/Fusion Post-Metal
89 / 100
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