W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol
Heavy Metal !
10 songs (57'40)
Release year: 1992
Reviewed by Chris
1992 ... the Metal flame is wavering. Life as I perceived it ... was changing, slowly, but surely...

What happened to me that day, I wish I could give you an answer, but I can't. Its probably because on that memorable day I've listen to one of the best metal album of all times : W.A.S.P - The Crimson Idol !

This is one of the rare perfect records in my collection. You want hate ? Blackie will give you hate, you want melody ? he'll give you melody, you want despair ? Be prepared to fall into the abyss of your loniless and far deep hidden emotions which your soul don't want to deal with anymore... That being the most dangerous thing about this record... it talks to you, but I've got this feeling that it doesn't just talk to your conscious, but more likely to your soul. I definitely not recommand you listen to this record if you're in emotional despair, because it holds the power to bring you down !

Aside this little detail, this album is a pure wonder of heavy-metal... from fair & square heavy metal riffs that will explose your brain to the scary yet perfect drumming part, you get the feeling that a train is about to hit you. This album contains the best rhythm parts I have ever listened in my whole life, from military style, to speed metal or tribal like drumming, W.A.S.P give a demonstration on how drums should be played on a record.

The vocals are also excellent, Blackie being at the top of his talent and delivering everything you can deliver in one album, from warm and emotionally intense vocal during slow moments, to extreme agression during heavy and speed parts. The album is a battle between fast agressive moments and slow emotion packed slower songs... delivering the perfect balance for one of the best concept album one could ever dream.

This is a must for every metal fan and this album belongs in your collection of masterpieces. The best album W.A.S.P. ever delivered, the one album you write once in your life. W.A.S.P. Rules !

Killing Songs :
Every millisecond of it !
Chris quoted CLASSIC
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