Opeth - Blackwater Park
Music For Nations
Opeth Metal
8 songs (67'00)
Release year: 2001
Opeth, Music For Nations
Reviewed by Danny
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Is it possible to classify Opeth? Is it possible to classify this Blackwater Park? I don't think so.

What can I tell you about Blackwater Park? This record leaves me speechless. Eight songs, eight diamonds. What a song-writing lesson! Eight unbelievable songs proving again that only a metal band can write such beautiful songs. An angel passes!

Opeth is classified as a death metal band due to some guttural vocals … certainly not due to their song-writing, which has nothing to do with typical death metal. For me, this is the ultimate dark metal band. Yes, dark metal. After Orchid (first record), after Still Live (previous record), Blackwater Park is simply a masterpiece that will stay in the metal history forever.

This Blackwater Park is full of atmospheric moments and each song is full of emotions. Two driving forces sending the listener on The Funeral Portrait (sixth song) in another place, another musical dimension. I cannot imagine where would be Opeth if they were using clear vocals.

Beautiful and essential. Buy-or-die! Your metal collection is empty without Blackwater Park. This is the type of CD that proves again metal is the best music on Earth since … Mozart. Listen to the eighth track and you will understand what I mean. Congratulation guys.

Killing Songs :
Arrrggg, don't ask me to choose !!!
Danny quoted 95 / 100
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