October Tide - Rain Without End
Vic Records
Doom Metal
7 songs (39:12)
Release year: 1997
October Tide, Vic Records
Reviewed by Thomas
Archive review

This is one of the records I got from Vic Records that I actually looked forward to review and carefully listen to. I’ve more or less only read positive stuff regarding this, and considering the fact that this is the side-project of some Katatonia-member, didn’t exactly lower my expectations. The band decided to split up when they found out that the ideas that popped up inside their depressive heads were too good for this. Hence, they decided that they should rather use that on their main band. However, from what I’ve heard, that proved to be a rather silly idea. With all these metal veterans wandering around in October Tide, this will surely make a great listen. Right? RIGHT?!

Even if I’m not the greatest doom expert around, I do dare to deny all your high and mighty hopes. This doesn’t prove to be anything like I expected. The riffs are a bore, the vocals are OK and the melodies are so-so. What this reminds me most of are four earlier Opeth-songs cut in half, only worse performed of course. Those of you who somehow disagree can go listen to The Night and the Silent Water of the Morningrise-record, and you’ll see where I’m coming from. Some are comparing this Katatonia’s Brave Murder Day which is understandable enough, this does lack the spark to pull it off though. Yes, there are a decent amount of nice melodies here, and the hell-blazing vocal work is also pretty good. However, this is wrapped in a way too boring and generic package. I’ve been spinning this a lot lately to completely get the supposedly awesomeness of this album. There may be something wrong with me of course, and feel free to insult me in every way for that, but this just completely fails in giving me anything at all. The overall guitar work is maybe the highpoint here, as the riffs and melodies do create a certain atmosphere that is somewhat compelling in different ways. There is however little or no excitement to be found here due to the remarkably boring drums and the increasingly monotonous vocal work. As I mentioned earlier, his vocals is good, and he knows his way around a growl, there is however room for variation. Monotonous and extremely dreary, doesn’t make a good combination in my book, and this is exactly what October Tide is doing. My Dying Bride are a band that does this stuff much better, and I recommend you to check them out if you haven’t already.

All in all this is pretty damn boring with some bright spots here and there. Some of the faster, or should I say, less slower stuff here is actually pretty OK. Otherwise they fail to impress me as a depressive doom metal band, and they failed to make me cry a waterfall. This carries more or less nothing exciting with it, just plain sorrowful riffs and vocals, tiresome drumming and ultra-depressive moods and themes, which makes me, in all honesty, wanting to turn this off. Then again, if you’re a general doom metal fan this may appeal more to you than it did to me, so in that case you’ll probably want to give this a try.

Killing Songs :
Thomas quoted 62 / 100
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