Headline - Voice Of Presence
Nothing To Say - WAGRAM
Melodic Heavy Metal with Prog. elements
10 songs (57'38)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

Here is a band that actually have talent... they definitely proved it with their previous release !! Unfortunately I'm really not satisfied with their new opus... songs are technically nice and original but something is missing here... For some it may be a weakness, for others a strong point but I personnaly think that HeadLine's female vocalist is not helping in keeping integrity in their style, but that's my personal opinion. This is at least the case for this album, cause I thought she sounded great on the previous one. So Voice Of Presence has the elements of a very good album but somehow the entirety is not holding together... perhaps due to the abusive use of keyboards and effects ? The guitars riffs and solo are omnipresent and they're very good, that's definitely this french band's strong point. When I saw the album was containing a trilogy I said : "Cool !! they've put their 3 best songs in a row and made a killer trilogy" ... well nope, a little slow intro on accoustic guitar for the first part and an outro (accoustic as well) that adds nothing but waste of time on the album. In the end I'd say it's an average album with 2 or 3 really nice songs like Seven, which has nice lyrics about the number seven (of course it's on track seven :) ) or Give Up Once but those songs actually sounds more like the old album and they are the kind of songs Headline should concentrate on writing (cause if I had to put a quote on these 2 songs only, the album would probably get a 80).

Killing Songs :
Getting Down To It, Seven, Give Up Once
Chris quoted 65 / 100
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