Iron Fire - Thunderstorm
Noise Records
Melodic Power / Speed metal
12 songs (57'21)
Release year: 2000
Official website, Noise Records
Reviewed by Danny
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Holy sh..! Denmark just wake up or what !!!. This country, who was represented before by DAD, Pretty Maids or Mercyful Fate, wasn't really active those years on the metal scene. Now, after Manticora, there is a brand new melodic power/speed metal band out of Denmark called Iron Fire and believe me they will explode your metal heads. First impression on "Thunderstorm" is this excellent sound : Well, with a producer called Tommy Hansen, could it be different ? The music is a mix of Helloween and Running Wild (who said 80's German power / speed metal ?). Very melodic, catchy, killing riffs and also VERY nostalgic. From first listening I said to myself "I know this singer". In fact, Martin Steene voice (very good by the way) is a mixture of Chris Bay (Freedom Call) and .....Vince Neil (Motley Crüe, first years). But this singer has another great quality : he wrote the entire album (music & lyrics, except two songs for the lyrics - can you believe this !!!). Running Wild riffs and speedy Helloween guitars are everywhere confirming one of Martin Steene's favorite German metal band (Running Wild). It is not a new metal style or sound, but who gives a shit. Wonderful chorus (full of metal hymns that will kill us in live gigs) to "explosions" (we are talking about real explosions "effect" here) and with great guitars melodies, this is a must for all German power / speed metal fans. Who is next from Denmark ???

Killing Songs :
Rise of the Rainbow (!!!), The Battle Of Freedom, Glory To The King
Danny quoted 92 / 100
Chris quoted 100 / 100
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