X-Japan - Dahlia
East West Japan
X-Japan Melodic / Symphonic Metal
10 songs (57'28)
Release year: 1996
Reviewed by Chris

Now this is melodic metal at its best !!! The last ever album of the mythical japanese band. They plays (played) metal like nobody else, following no trends, being 100% original, period !

Those of you who read me for a long time know that this is my all time favorite band, no competition, no compromise. No one can write more emotionally packed, fast and beautifully melodic music like Yoshiki (drummer, piano, mastermind behind X !). The album starts with a slap in the face, a speed melodic agression called Dahlia, oh my Dahlia... you can feel how hard it must be to let her go throughout this song that alternates fast, very fast and slower moments, with transitions only X can deliver, making you go from double guitar attacks and fiercly fast riffs to piano and violins : X are the masters ! The solo of Dahlia will heal the deaf and resurrect the deads. Toshi's voice is amazing, getting higher than the sky, redefining the limits of human vocal range. Drumming to its best, fiercly fast and technical in the same time, guitars flowing from everywere, violins adding such emotions that you could instantly cry... only X can do that !

Hide's song Scars is a very good one too, I'm never that fund of the songs delivered by other members of the band and let's face it, Yoshiki is the heart and soul of the band, whenever some people like it or not. So Scars is more industrial therefore approaching Hide's style (it doesn't sound too much like X but more like Hide with's Toshi's vocals).

Then comes Longing, one of my favorite ballad song. That's where X-Japan is an exceptional metal band, they'll write symphonic speed metal like no one else, but they'll also be able to touch your heart with the most sensible, emotionally inspired ballads (beating The Scorpions on their own field). Longing is mainly piano and violins, with some guitar cries then and there. I say cries because it's how it feels, like Hide's guitar is crying. Dahlia and Longing alone makes it worth to buy the album, but it's just the beginning.

After Longing (let me dry my tears), come a deflagration of melodic Hard-Rock, a demonstration to Jon Bon Jovi and the others, a song that is so melodic, which rhythm makes you want to rock'n'roll all night (and party everyday :) )... I named : Rusty Nail !!! Now I've must heard that song a thousand times, nevertheless I can't stop listening to it over and over again, finding no weaknesses, nothing to say... The break and solos of this song once again demonstrate the real talent of that band, like a signature, violins and guitar wll merge to form the perfect balance metal music can deliver ! Rusty Nail is my favorite song right after Art Of Life.

I could go on and review each song but I won't, I prefer you to discover it for yourself, I'll just tell you that the entire album is excellent, alterning fast songs with deep slows, and some more industrial and experimental touch (involving other members of the band in the songwriting)... the overall being the best album X delivered right after the perfect Art Of Life ! This albums contains the best ballads I've heard since ages (Longing, Tears & Forever Love accoustic).

Last but not least, the booklet is so big, of such quality (thick paper), that it requires a special CD Jewel box to fit :)... it contains all the lyrics and pictures of the band. The overall being very well designed and making it a very nice collector's item to own.

You can find this album here : www.cdjapan.co.jp

I miss X-Japan so much... god I wished it wasn't over, I also wished Hide had not commited suicide. Hide, like X-Japan, you are deeply missed by myself and countless fans !

Killing Songs :
Dahlia, Longing, Rusty Nail (oh my god !!!), Crucify My Love, Tears, Drain & Forever Love.
Chris quoted 100 / 100
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