X-Japan - The Last Live
Symphonic Metal
Disc 1: 8 songs (48'24) Disc 2: 6 songs (68'42) Disc 3: 6 songs (72'13)
Release year: 2001
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Reviewed by Chris
Major event

Tokyo Dome, 31 December 1997, new year's eve... and the last ever Live show from X-Japan. Many of you know it's my favorite band, all time favorite to be precise, leaving the second far far behind. This band have such a place in my heart... Believe me, if I knew about that Last Live, I would have bought myself a 2 way ticket to Japan just for this show. But unlucky as I always am I found out about it in April 98t, and the live show was furthermore retransmitted through the Internet that night, which made me twice as angry as you can imagine.

This Box contains 3 CDs, for more than 3 hours live show from X-Japan, with moments that are carved in all fans memories forever, with the members of the band crying while performing the last song, with the crowd chanting more than 10 minutes to call back their heroes, with Toshi, Hide, Pata, Heath and Yoshiki delivering an incredible performance. The selection of tracks is very good, maybe just a little disappointment as Silent Jealousy is not there, but well, it's the only one I really miss here so it's okay. You'll of course get all the amazing slows that only X can deliver like : Crucify My Love, Longing, Forever Love, Endless Rain, Tears and the most sad song in the history of music (as far as I'm concerned) : The Last Song. The sound is very good, with maybe the mix a bit too high making it to saturate a couple of times and maybe too much basses in general as well, but don't worry : it's really not a big deal.

Where do I start... well, first of all the show starts with Rusty Nail !!! YES !!!! What a slap in your face, followed by one of X's most popular song : Week-End (I couldn't have dreamed of a better start). That will warm the crowd the best way possible with Toshi screamin' all over the place to lighten the fire inside Tokyo Dome. Just to tell you about it makes me shivering. This live is amazing, the sound is so clear, the crowd are making so much noise behind; that if you close your eyes : you actually think you're in the Tokyo Dome, listening to the best ever live show of your life !

A live show worthy of the most incredible Symphonic / Melodic Metal band ever ! It contains moments where the crowd is singing for 10 minutes, a mighty drum solo (although a bit weird : Yoshiki's playing drum over a classical / dramatic musical piece, so it's pretty much different that usual drum solos ! But the accuracy and speed are amazing as always with Yoshiki's solos) from the master Yoshiki that last nearly 15 minutes ! An incredible connection between the band and the public (with some spoken moments). From the first to the last minute, this is X giving you their best performance for their last ever Live. For all the fans of the band : don't miss it for the world ! If you're not a fan or if you simply don't know this band (a bit normal since they aren't very famous outside, and only god knows why) then I suggest you check out the Dahlia or Jealousy albums (or any other as they're all good !) to discover this unbelievable band. Farewell X-Japan, you forever warmed our hearts and our lives !!!!

P.S. : You can order the Last Live online here : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp. They deliver fast : I had mine only 2 days after it was out in Japan !

Killing Songs :
All 3 hours spread on 3 amazing CDs !!!
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